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Ola Electric made major announcements today during a livestream with the hashtags #DecemberToRemember and #ENDICEAGE. The company shared significant updates, focusing on plans for a cutting-edge lithium-ion giga factory, teasing the launch of new bikes, and unveiling details about MoveOS 4. These revelations mark a crucial moment for Ola Electric, showcasing their commitment to innovation and the future of electric mobility.

Here are some of the major announcements made by the founder Bhavish Aggarwal during the livestream: 

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Lithium-Ion Gigafactory on the Horizon

Ola Electric is gearing up for a groundbreaking move in the electric vehicle realm with the establishment of a state-of-the-art lithium-ion gigafactory. This advanced facility will employ world-class technology to manufacture lithium-ion cells, promising game-changing results. Anticipated benefits include a reduction in the cost of vehicles, ensuring affordability for consumers, and ensuring a robust supply chain. Ola Electric is committed to delivering the best in technology, with the gigafactory expected to commence operations next year, setting a new standard for excellence in the electric vehicle industry.

Ola Electric Motorcycle in Pipeline:  

Ola Electric is set to introduce a lineup of approximately four new bikes, promising the best in range, performance, and overall riding experience. The Founder claims suggest that these bikes will not only offer top-notch performance but will also bring the best of passion to every ride. Anticipate a thrilling journey with Ola Electric’s commitment to delivering bikes that redefine excellence in the electric two-wheeler market. 

Ola Cruiser Electric Motorcycle

Ola Diamondhead Electric Motorcycle

Ola Roadster Electric Motorcycle

Ola Adventure Electric Motorcycle

MOVEOS 4 to be available from December to all customers: 

MoveOS 4, the latest software update introduced by Ola a few months back will now be available to all the customers from December. 

Krutrim AI

Recent reports mention that Bhavish Aggarwal has started a new company named Krutrim SI Designs, venturing into computer programming and artificial intelligence (AI). This development comes at a good time for Ola Electric, as the company is gearing up for expansion and planning a public listing next year. The founder during the live stream choose not to disclose much details but talked a bit about the importance of AI and its effects in the EV sector. 


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