Electric Vehicle Policies in India

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    All States EV Policies

    Gujarat EV Policy 2021

    Chief Minister Shri Vijay Rupani announced Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy 2021 to withness 2 lakh electric vehicles on the roads of Gujarat in the next 4 years.

    Rajasthan EV Policy 2021

    The Government of Rajasthan has released Electric Vehicle Policy 2021. Rajasthan's EV incentives, which include two and three-wheelers, are slightly different from those offered by other states.

    Maharashtra EV Policy 2021

    The Maharashtra government has introduced Maharashtra electric vehicle policy 2021 to accelerate the adoption of BEVs in the state so that they contribute to 10% of new vehicle registrations by 2025.

    Andhra Pradesh EV Policy 2018

    Under the Andhra Pradesh Electric Mobility Policy, Government approved the following benefits covering the areas of (1) Manufacturing (2) Charging Infrastructure (3) Demand Creation (4) Research and Development

    Telangana EV Policy 2020

    Telangana Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Policy 2020-2030 To reduce the overall cost of mobility by adopting electric vehicles in public transport, 2 and 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler, LCV, and shared transport

    Bihar EV Policy 2019

    Bihar Electric Vehicle Policy 2019 is aimed at the creation of a manufacturing eco-system for e-vehicles in the State, fulfill Sustainable Development Goals in the transport system and make Bihar

    Punjab EV Policy 2019

    The Punjab Government has released the “Punjab Electric Vehicle Policy Draft 2019” to recognize the potential of EVs and support EV adoption in the state with the main focus on promoting EV and EV component manufacturing

    Meghalaya EV Policy 2021

    The Meghalaya government through the Meghalaya Electric Vehicle Policy 2021 has emphasized accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles for a clean and green environment in the state.

    Goa EV Policy 2021

    In order to set the state of Goa as a model of international standards for electric vehicle adoption in the passenger and commercial sectors, the Government of Goa has drafted the Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy-2021

    West Bengal EV Policy 2021

    The West Bengal EV policy 2021 has Announced with an aim to promote the use of electric vehicles to enable the transition to eco-friendly cities of the state.

    Delhi EV Policy 2021

    The Council of Ministers, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) has approved the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020 for the adoption of Electric Vehicles in Delhi.

    Tamil Nadu EV Policy 2019

    To promote electric vehicle adoption in State, the Tamil Nadu government has announced Electric Vehicle Policy 2019, which exempts all battery-operated Vehicles (electric vehicles) from motor vehicle taxes in the state.

    Uttar Pradesh EV Policy 2019

    The Uttar Pradesh government has Anncouned the State EV Policy 2019 to attract investments of over Rs 40,000 crore over the next 5 years in the electric mobility ecosystem with employment potential for 50,000 people.

    Madhya Pradesh EV Policy 2019

    The Madhya Pradesh Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2019, which is to be notified by the Government of Madhya Pradesh ('GoMP'), recognizes that a new approach is needed to kick-start the Need for EV adoption in Madhya Pradesh

    Karnataka EV Policy

    The State Government Annocuced, Karnataka Electric Vehicle & Energy Storage Policy 2017 to make Karnataka, a preferred destination for the Development of Electric Mobility

    Haryana EV Policy

    Haryana Government launched Electric Vehicle Policy-Draft to promote clean transport, ensure environmental sustainability by reducing pollution, create an ecosystem for manufacturing Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Haryana.

    Odisha EV Policy 2021

    Odisha government has drafted "Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy, 2021" to make Odisha a model state for the promotion of EVs through adoption, customization, research, and development.

    Assam EV Policy 2021

    To promote and accelerate the adoption of electric mobility to create an ecosystem for manufacturing EV components in Assam to ensure environmental sustainability, the Government of Assam has launched the Assam Electric Vehicle Policy 2021.

    Kerala EV Policy

    KERALA EV POLICY 2019 to promote shared mobility and clean transportation and to create an ecosystem for manufacturing EV components in Kerala

    Uttarakhand EV Policy 2018

    Uttarakhand Electric Vehicle Manufacturing, EV Usage promotion, and Related Services Infrastructure Policy 2018: Here are the Incentives & Subsidies Details for EVs