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    The adoption of EVs is a step towards mitigating climate change and moving towards a sustainable future.

    We are India’s First comprehensive platform for all new electric vehicle updates and EV news, as well as one of the top e-mobility websites, dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles and their positive environmental impact.

    At, we provide the hottest electric vehicle updates and EV news for India as well as the world. Through our platform, we’re helping EV enthusiasts make better sense through our detailed EV reviews and producing high-quality content on electric vehicles.

    We are on a mission to make India a global hub in the EV domain by promoting EV adoption, and this can be done by spreading awareness about electric vehicles and their benefits.


    Founded and established in 2019 by Mr. Narendra Singh (a enthusiastic entrepreneur), as an endeavor, to help people Go Green Go Electric in the most efficient manner, turned into a passion and later a responsibility.

    Serving millions of readers worldwide according to current statistics. Our audience includes potential EV buyers, EV enthusiasts, students and researchers, OEMs, and manufacturers.

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