EV Components Manufacturer/Supplier in India

    EV Components manufacturers: Electric vehicle parts and Components Manufacturing/Supplier Companies, here is the list of EV Components manufacturers Companies in India

    Company NameCompany WebsiteComponentsLocation
    Amara Raja batteries LTDwww.amararajabatteries.comElectric Vehicle battery manufacturerAndhra Pradesh
    Minda Industrywww.unominda.comComponents like lights, switches, sensors, brakes, and other parts


    Bharat Power Solutionwww.bpsbatteries.comElectric vehicle battery manufacturer

    Uttar Pradesh, India

    GoGoA1www.gogoa1.comR.T.O. approved EV Conversion kit/ and EV Equipment

    Maharashtra, India

    Okaya Powerwww.okayapower.comLithium-Ion Battery 

    New Delhi

    Compage automationwww.compageauto.comElectric motor manufacturer


    EV battery solutionwww.evbatterysolutions.comLithium batteries for electric vehicles


    Karacus energywww.karacusenergy.comlithium-ion battery manufacturer

    New Delhi

    Rizel automotivewww.rizelautomotive.comElectric motors manufacturer

    Chennai, Tamilnadu

    Auto die-castwww.evdiecast.comManufacturer of structure and Vehicle body

    New Delhi

    Exicom power solutionwww.exicom-ps.comLi-ion Batteries, Charging system,  and battery management system

    Gurgaon, Haryana

    Jayem Automotiveswww.jayemauto.comEV Components like BMS, Power train, Battery, Motor, Components

    Tamil Nadu, India

    Okaya Batterywww.okayapower.comBattery Manufacturer

    New Delhi

    Green fuel energywww.greenfuelenergy.inElectric vehicle battery and power train manufacturer,  BMS, Motor, controller


    Electra EVwww.electraev.comManufacture complete power train for EV

    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

    Elecnovowww.elecnovo.comgood quality electric vehicle motors and controllers

    Gurgaon, Haryana

    Napinowww.napino.comEV batteries, motors, chargers, BMS, and many other supporting components for electric vehicles.

    Haryana, India

    Kitra Industries 


    www.kitraind.comProvides Copper Die Cast Rotors For Induction Motor in EV Sector. 

    Gujarat India

    ELANTAS Beck http://www.elantas.comInsulating Materials for Traction Motor, DC-DC converters, charging infrastructure, and Batteries

    Pune India