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TVS Motor Company, renowned for its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions, has launched a new variant of the TVS iQube featuring a 2.2 kWh battery. Concurrently, the company is set to deliver the TVS iQube ST to customers, now available in two variants with battery capacities of 3.4 kWh and 5.1 kWh respectively, the latter being the largest battery pack in its segment. This expansion results in the TVS iQube series offering a comprehensive selection of five variants, available in a spectrum of 11 vibrant colors, solidifying its position as one of the most extensive and attractive electric vehicle portfolios in the market.

In line with its commitment to making EVs accessible to all, the new 2.2 kWh battery variant of the TVS iQube series starts at an introductory effective ex-showroom price of Rs. 94,999. This move aims to reduce customers’ total cost of ownership (TCO), reflecting TVS Motor Company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

So, in this article, we will delve into the key comparison between all five variants:


The newly launched variants of the TVS iQube do not have any major changes in their design and looks. Retaining its signature simplicity and elegance, the iQube appeals to the family scooter buyer with its unassuming yet refined aesthetics. TVS has maintained consistency by not making any visual alterations to the design of the latest models. Despite its plain appearance, the iQube impresses with its superior quality. From the impeccable paint finish to the precise switchgear and the clarity of the TFT display, the scooter upholds TVS’s renowned standards of craftsmanship.


VariantsTop Speed (km/h)Range (Eco Mode) (km)Range (Power Mode) (km)Acceleration (0-40 km/h)Peak Power (kW)Peak Torque (Nm)Charging DurationGround Clearance (mm)
iQube 2.2 kWh7575604.2 s4.41402h157
iQube 3.4 kWh78100754.2 s4.41404h 30m157
iQube S 3.4 kWh78100754.2 s4.41404h 30m157
iQube ST 3.4 kWh78100754.2 s4.41403h157
iQube ST 5.1 kWh821501104.5 s4.41404h 18m157



The TVS iQube is available in multiple variants, each catering to different preferences and requirements. From the basic 2.2kWh model to the top-of-the-line 5.1kWh variant, there’s a TVS iQube for every kind of rider. Despite the differences in battery capacity, all variants come equipped with essential features, ensuring that even the most affordable option doesn’t compromise practicality. Whether you opt for the entry-level or premium model, you’ll find that the TVS iQube offers comprehensive features to enhance your riding experience.

Moving on to the features, the TVS iQube boasts an array of modern conveniences designed to make every journey more enjoyable and convenient. With a display size ranging from 5 inches to 7 inches, riders can easily access essential information at a glance depending on the variant. Navigation is made seamless with turn-by-turn directions via the accompanying app, ensuring that you never lose your way. Additionally, features like notification alerts, park assist, and OTA updates further enhance the functionality of the TVS iQube, making it a smart choice for urban commuters. 


TVS iQube and its variants offer a spectrum of 11 vibrant colors that are attractive and can catch an instant eye. The colors for each variant are as follows:

  • iQube (2.2kWh) – Pearl White, Walnut Brown
  • iQube (3.4kWh) – Shining Red, Pearl White, Titanium Grey Glossy
  • iQube S (3.4kWh) – Mint Blue, Copper Bronze Glassy, Mercury Grey Glossy
  • iQube ST (3.4kWh) – Copper Bronze Matte, Coral Sand Glossy, Titanium Grey Matte, Starlight Blue Glossy
  • iQube ST (5.1kWh) – Copper Bronze Matte, Coral Sand Glossy, Titanium Grey Matte, Starlight Blue Glossy


As part of its dedication to ensuring widespread access to electric vehicles, TVS has priced the newly launched variant of TVS iQube at Rs. 94,999.[ introductory effective ex-showroom price]. The pricing of the rest of the variants is as follows:

  • TVS iQube (2.2kWh)–        Rs 94,999
  • TVS iQube (3.4kWh) –       Rs 1,36,628
  • TVS iQube S (3.4kWh) –   Rs 1,46,420 
  • TVS iQube ST (3.4kWh) – Rs 1,55,555
  • TVS iQube ST (5.1kWh) – Rs 1,85,373 


With a wide array of variants to choose from, the TVS iQube provides customers with ample choices to align with their preferences and financial plans. Like its counterparts such as Ather and Ola, which boast a variety of models tailored to diverse needs, the TVS iQube ensures accessibility and versatility in the electric scooter segment. 


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