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Ola Roadster Electric Motorcycle 

Ola Electric recently showcased its upcoming Ola electric motorcycle lineup. They were in the form of a Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and a futuristic-looking sportbike called the Diamondhead. They all feature futuristic designs with sharp and sporty designs.

Very few details of the bikes were shown and almost no specification details were unveiled. However, all four electric bikes adopt a futuristic design philosophy and each of them stands for the essence of the category in terms of its overall design silhouette and intended usage pattern.

Look and Design 

The Ola Roadster is one of its electric motorcycle lineups. Although its specifics are not yet revealed, it was seen at the showcase that the Ola Roadster will get attractive features and an impressive sporty and futuristic design. It gets an inverted fork, a mono-shock, disc brakes on both wheels, and an all-LED lighting setup.

It also appears that the Roadster will get a chain drive system instead of a rubber band with a mid-mounted motor.

The Ola Roadster will have enhanced safety providing a safe and sound driving experience by having disc brakes at both ends. It will be a performance-oriented bike with minimal maintenance expenses compared to other sports bikes requiring heavy maintenance.

Range and Top Speed 

Currently, the highest variant of Ola’s electric Scooter the “Ola S1 Pro Gen.2” has a range of 180 kms and a top speed of 120 kms. This indicates that the electric motorcycle will have much better and higher specifications than the current portfolio.

According to some early speculations, it is expected that the Ola Roadster will also get a powerful electric motor with a top speed of around 130-140 Km per hour and a range of about 200 to 220 kms on a single charge.

Expected Launch Date 

Out of the four motorcycles, only the Ola Roadster electric bike was showcased in the bike form hinting that it might be launched first out of the lot. It appears to be the closest to a real-world production model. 

As for the launch date, the Roadster is still in the manufacturing stage; only ‘end 2024’ was mentioned in one of the presentation slides at the showcase. Thus, the Roadster is anticipated to be launched towards the end of 2024, mostly in November or December. Its online pre-booking shall start 3 to 4 months before its official launch.

Estimated Price 

The Ola Roadster could have a starting price of more than Rs 2 lakhs, ex-showroom. The on-road price is anticipated to be more than this. As of now, it is a pure expectation and speculation. But in the coming month, the company will provide some more information about the bike. To know about the all updates of the Ola Roadster electric motorcycle stay connected with E-vehicle Info. 

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