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New Delhi, Steel and automotive player Pavna Industries has announced a collaboration with Ola Electric signing an agreement to supply key components like ignition switches and latches. This partnership marks Pavna Industries’ entry into the electric vehicle (EV) market, specifically targeting the two-wheeler segment.

Commenting on the partnership, Swapnil Jain, Managing Director of Pavna Industries said,

“Pavna and Ola Electric joining forces will not only drive affordability but also enhance the quality standards for enthusiasts of two-wheeler EVs. Ola’s comprehensive product range caters to the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners and represents a significant leap towards accelerating EV adoption in India. Combined with our indigenous and innovative manufacturing technology, we are confident that we can drive India’s journey towards green mobility.”

Strengthening Supply Commitment

As part of the agreement, Pavna Industries is set to deliver high-quality ignition switches and latches to Ola Electric’s manufacturing facilities across India. This move underscores Pavna Industries’ commitment to supporting Ola Electric’s production needs and strengthening its position in the burgeoning EV market.

Expanding Product Portfolio

With India’s increasing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, Pavna Industries is gearing up to broaden its product portfolio. The company plans to introduce additional EV components like motors and motor controllers, capitalizing on the growing market demand for electric vehicles. This strategic expansion aligns with the country’s push towards sustainable transportation solutions. 


With nearly 50 years of experience, PAVNA GROUP is South Asia’s leading automotive parts solutions provider. Renowned for innovation and market leadership, the company manufactures high-quality parts like Ignition Switches, Fuel Tank Caps, and Casting Components. Operating modern facilities in Aligarh, Aurangabad, Pantnagar, and Pune, PAVNA employs over 4,000 professionals specialized in design, production, and quality assurance, underscoring its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. 


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