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A recent visit to the Ola Service Centre in Thrissur (Peramangalam) shed light on prevalent issues among Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 scooters. Upon arrival, numerous scooters were awaiting servicing, with a noticeable dominance of Ola S1 Pro Gen 1 and Ola S1 models. Despite a scheduled appointment, service delays were encountered due to overwhelming demand and a shortage of staff.

An attempt to address a panel gap issue was met with disappointment as service personnel cited it as a “manufacturing defect” beyond resolution. Despite this setback, the basic functionalities of the scooter, including brakes, regenerative braking, navigation, and entertainment features, performed satisfactorily during subsequent testing.

However, concerns remain regarding inconsistent build quality, particularly evident in panel gap variations and fit-and-finish issues. The experience underscores a need for Ola to address such discrepancies promptly to uphold customer satisfaction.


Note: The screenshots provided illustrate discrepancies in service center communication and invoice issuance, emphasizing the need for improved transparency and resolution of customer concerns.

Backend Support Communication Analysis

Communication discrepancies emerged between the service center and Ola’s backend support team. While customers were assured of repair initiation and completion, the reality differed significantly. Inaccurate status updates, including repair estimates and completion notifications, led to confusion and dissatisfaction among customers.

Furthermore, unjustified invoices were issued for purported service activities not undertaken, adding to customer frustration. Such discrepancies highlight the importance of transparent and accurate communication channels between service centers and backend support teams to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

Writer’s Remark

The experience underscores the necessity for Ola to streamline communication and address quality control issues promptly. While the Ola S1 range offers functional benefits, potential buyers should consider existing fit-and-finish concerns. Improved transparency and resolution of service-related issues are imperative for enhancing the overall customer experience and brand reputation.

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