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Leapmotor, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, is poised to enter the Indian market, following the footsteps of predecessors like MG and BYD. Teaming up with Stellantis, which recently acquired a stake in its global operations, Leapmotor is set to unveil its investment and entry plans for India imminently.

Strategic Partnership with Stellantis:

Partnering with Stellantis, a prominent player in the global automotive industry known for brands like Citroen and Jeep, Leapmotor gains substantial support for its Indian venture. Stellantis’ presence in India through brands like Jeep and Citroen further strengthens Leapmotor’s confidence in its foray into the Indian market.

Overcoming Regulatory Challenges:

Navigating regulatory hurdles, especially concerning investments from bordering countries, is a common challenge for foreign companies eyeing India’s automotive sector. Leapmotor’s partnership with Stellantis provides a strategic advantage in overcoming such regulatory barriers.

Leveraging Stellantis Investment:

Stellantis’ significant investment of $1.6 billion in Leapmotor last year, securing around a 20 percent stake, has paved the way for a robust partnership. This collaboration has led to the establishment of Leapmotor International, a joint venture focused on exporting and selling Leapmotor products globally.

Anticipated Impact on the Indian EV Market:

While Stellantis has not officially commented on Leapmotor’s India plans, industry sources anticipate the introduction of budget-friendly electric cars, intensifying competition in the burgeoning green car segment. The forthcoming announcement of Leapmotor’s India strategy with Stellantis heralds a significant development in the Indian electric vehicle market. 


The teamwork between Leapmotor and Stellantis marks a big step forward for electric cars in India. With their powers combined, they might bring new, affordable electric cars to Indian roads. As we wait for Leapmotor’s plan with Stellantis, we’re excited to see how it could shake up the electric car scene in India, making it even better for everyone.

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