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On the occasion of its community day, Ather Energy unveiled its debut family scooter, the Ather Rizta, priced at an introductory rate of Rs. 1.09 lakh. Positioned to rival renowned models such as the TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak Premium 2024, and Ola S1 Pro Gen 2, the Ather Rizta enters the electric scooter arena with a promise of innovation and efficiency. This comprehensive comparison aims to dissect the details of each scooter, empowering consumers to make informed decisions about their next electric ride. With these contenders vying for market supremacy, it’s essential to scrutinize their features and performance to discern the most fitting option for urban commuters. Before you embark on your electric scooter journey, delve into this article to ensure your investment yields maximum value.

So, without further adieu, let’s quickly move on to a comparison between the four electric scooters:

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1- Ather RiztaThe Ather Rizta boasts a simple, boxy design highlighted by a rectangular LED headlamp upfront and a sleek rear light bar at the back. Setting itself apart, it features the largest seat in its class and offers generous under-seat storage and boot space, catering to practicality and convenience. Departing from the sharp lines of the 450 series, the Ather Rizta opts for softer contours, dual-tone colors, and a balanced silhouette, echoing the aesthetics of the TVS iQube.

2- TVS iQube– The TVS iQube is a sleek and stylish scooter known for its solid build and attractive design. It looks tidy and well-proportioned, with modern LED lights adding a touch of sophistication. The overall quality is top-notch, reflecting attention to detail and precision in construction. Its LED lighting system, including headlights and taillights, not only enhances its appeal but also ensures clear visibility on the road, promoting safety for riders.

3- Bajaj Chetak Premium 2024– The Chetak stands out among scooters due to its all-metal construction, distinguishing it from others in the market. Renowned for its superior build quality and impeccable finish, the Chetak reflects the expertise of an established automaker with a long history in vehicle manufacturing. Its sleek and contoured design, characterized by smooth lines and curves, harks back to the classic scooters of yesteryears, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Notably, the front end showcases prominent design elements, notably a sizable LED headlamp complemented by an LED DRL encircling it, capturing the attention of bystanders with its striking presence. 

4- OLA S1 PRO GEN 2-  The Ola S1 Pro Gen2 features a redesigned platform that prioritizes both weight reduction and enhanced strength, resulting in a flat footboard design. This marks a departure from Gen 1, which had a curved front footboard, leading to a decrease in boot space by 2 liters due to a central hump. Notable updates in Gen2 include the adoption of traditional telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks, replacing Gen 1’s unconventional single-sided front fork and mono-shock setup. Additionally, Gen2 introduces new taillamps, a tubular rear grab handle, and an updated rear swingarm, replacing the previous single-sided unit.


Specifications Ather RiztaTVS iQube Bajaj Chetak Premium 2024Ola S1 Pro Gen 2
Range 160 km 100 km126 km195 km
Top Speed 80 km/h78 km/h 73kmph120 kmph 
Acceleration 0 to 40 kmph in 4.7 seconds0 to 40 kmph  in 4.2 seconds 0-40 kmph in around 4.5 seconds0 to 40 in 2.6 seconds.
Battery Pack3.7 kWh2 Lion Battery packs 650w4 kW battery pack
Charing Time4 hr 30 min0- 80% in less than 5 hours 4 hr 30 mins6.5 hours
Peak Power 4.4 kW4.4 kW4kw 11 kW



1- Ather Rizta – The Ather Rizta stands out with its longest and widest single-seat design in the Indian scooter market. It also offers ample legroom and a spacious boot space of 56L, including a storage organizer for added convenience. Its wide pillion backrest and spacious floorboard ensure passenger comfort, while it retains innovative features like Magic Twist, Reverse Mode, AutoHold, etc to enhance the riding experience. Safety is prioritized with SkidControl technology, Share Live Location, Tow & Theft Alerts, Emergency Stop Signal, and FallSafe mechanism. Connectivity features include integration with Google Maps, WhatsApp, and Alexa Skills for navigation, notifications, and hands-free functionality, along with call and music control and Push Navigation for simplified destination input. With these features, the Ather Rizta aims to deliver a convenient, comfortable, and safe riding experience for urban commuters.
Ather has also launched its smart helmet called Halo and Halo Bit. It has also upgraded its software to Atherstack 6. 
2- TVS iQube-  The TVS iQube is packed with various features that prioritize safety, vehicle health, infotainment, navigational assistance, and sustainability. 
Safety features include live vehicle tracking, crash/fall alerts, geofencing, and anti-theft alerts, ensuring peace of mind for owners. Vehicle health is monitored through service alerts and proactive diagnosis for optimal performance. Infotainment features such as a music player app, social media notifications, and hands-free phone connectivity keep riders entertained and connected on the go. Navigational assistance is provided with navigation assist and last parked location features. Sustainability is promoted through carbon-saving electric power and regenerative braking technology for enhanced efficiency. With these comprehensive features, the TVS iQube offers a holistic riding experience that prioritizes safety, convenience, and environmental consciousness. 

3- Bajaj Chetak Premium 2024- The most significant upgrade on the Chetak Premium is introducing a new 5-inch color TFT screen, replacing the previous monochrome LCD unit. While it isn’t a touchscreen like its competitors, Bajaj opted for this to maintain affordability and durability. Despite this, the screen provides a vibrant display and offers much information, enhancing the scooter’s premium appeal. Standard features include an eco-riding mode, reverse mode, and an onboard 800W charger. Additionally, Bajaj offers a Tecpac as an optional extra, priced at Rs 9,000, which unlocks various advanced features such as Sport mode for increased acceleration, sequential turn indicators, hill-hold assist, turn-by-turn navigation, music playback, notification alerts, call management, and customizable display themes, further enhancing the Chetak Premium’s capabilities. 


4- Ola S1 Pro Gen 2- The Ola S1 Pro Gen2 boasts a suite of advanced features that elevate the riding experience. Safety is prioritized with a Side Stand Alert feature, indicated by an intuitive icon, ensuring riders are aware of the stand’s status. The Reverse Mode, denoted by its icon, makes maneuvering in tight spaces effortlessly. Riders can choose from different riding modes, including Eco Mode for efficiency, Sport Mode for dynamic performance, and Hyper Mode for an exhilarating ride, each represented by distinctive icons. Additionally, Navigation is seamlessly integrated, providing clear guidance throughout journeys, denoted by its dedicated icon.



  • Pangong Blue [Dual-tone] 
  • Cardomom Green [Dual-tone]
  • Alphonso Yellow [Dual-tone] 
  •  Deccan Grey [Dual-tone] 
  • Simple Pangong Blue [No Dual tone]
  • Siachen White [Dual-tone] 
  • Simple Deccan Grey [No Dual- tone] 


  • Shining Red
  • Titanium Grey Glossy 
  • Pearl White 


  • Brooklyn Black
  • Indigo Blue
  • Hazelnut

4- OLA S1 PRO GEN 2 

  • Amethyst
  • Stellar Blue
  • Matt White
  • Jet Black
  • Midnight Blue


Pricing Ather Rizta TVS iQubeBajaj Chetak Premium Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 
₹1,44,999₹ 1 46 628₹ 1 47 243/-₹ 1,47,499/-


Each scooter caters to different segments of the market, providing consumers with a variety of choices based on their preferences, budget, and desired features.


To end with the launch of Ather Rizta, electric scooter lovers now have another enticing choice to consider adding to their Wishlist. But all its rivals do offer Rizta a tough competition taking into account its features and performance. Each electric scooter offers a unique set of attributes catering to diverse consumer needs and preferences. Whether it’s the innovative design of the Ather Rizta, the solid build and top-notch quality of the TVS iQube, the nostalgic appeal and advanced technology of the Bajaj Chetak Premium 2024, or the suite of advanced features, performance, and sleek design of the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2, there’s a choice for every type of rider. Finally, the choice you make will be influenced by your particular needs, financial considerations, and the combination of style, performance, and features that best suit your personal preferences.  


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