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Ola Diamondhead Electric Motorcycle 

There was only one flagship model, the Ola Diamondhead, among the Four Electric motorcycles that Ola Electric showcased at their latest event. It attracted the attention of all the EV enthusiasts in India and several foreign countries as well with its utterly futuristic and heavy appearance.

It will be marketed as a highly-priced, high-performance, luxury electric motorcycle that no one has ever seen on the Indian market before. The Ola Diamondhead can be marketed in the sport bike class.

The Ola Diamondhead will aid in the sale of electric motorcycles in foreign markets the most among the four, as Ola founder Bhavish Agarwal has already stated that all of the upcoming four electric motorcycles will also be developed while keeping the foreign market for electric two-wheelers in mind. This is because its futuristic design and high performance are very alluring to a global audience.

This article will assess Ola Diamondhead’s predicted performance and inform you of how well it will fare in the Indian market.

Design and Looks


Earlier Ola Electric took the Electric Scooter concept from a Dutch company Etergo. Now again seems like they have taken the whole concept from the British Company Arc Vector a Luxury electric motorcycle company. Arc Vector filed for bankruptcy in 2019. Although it’s not a truck, or maybe Ola Diamondhead’s design appears to be influenced by the Tesla Cybertruck because it has the same kind of minimalistic approach, is a less colorful but still attractive design, and has sharp edges from all sides. 


As the Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle’s front has a suitable diamond form, the Diamondhead name obviously complements the motorcycle’s design. This may be one of the makers’ motivations for naming the Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle.


The Ola Diamondhead has a very aggressive appearance, which is enhanced by the electric motorcycle’s futuristic design. In addition, this electric motorcycle’s color palette combines shiny silver, black, and grey; black is mostly utilized for the seats, while grey and silver are used for the side and front profiles. A handful of the design elements are additionally highlighted with a touch of yellow color.

The Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle’s front lighting is made up of a highly modern-looking, extremely brilliant LED lightbar with side branding. The lightbar’s angular shape, which mimics the electric motorcycle’s, adds to the futuristic feel.

Riding Position 

The Ola Diamondhead’s seat is likewise wavy like the Ola Cruiser’s, and it has a diamond-shaped connection to the front profile of the electric motorcycle. The foot pegs also have two settings, comfort and sport, and the seat is made to be perfect for a single rider.

Bike Showcased at MotoGP Bharat

The Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle’s leaning sitting position also significantly contributes to its aggressive image. Inside the Diamond design of the electric motorcycle, the clip-on handlebar is somewhat stealthy and also has a nice look.

The Ola Diamondhead electric motorcycle also has an aerodynamic cowl on the back wheels because aerodynamics plays a big role in sports motorcycles.

Expected Price

We may anticipate that the Ola Diamondhead will cost at least more than 4 lakhs after it goes on sale because it would be the company’s flagship electric motorcycle.

Expected Specifications

Range300 km+
Top speed150-170 km/h
Front SuspensionHub-centre steering
Rear SuspensionMono shock
Front BrakesDual Discs
Rear BrakesSingle disc

One of the unique features of the Ola Diamondhead electric motorbike is that it will be a belt-driven motorcycle, which the other three motorcycles do not have. Zero bikes produce the majority of the belt-driven motorcycles in the world.


This data is based on market analytics and speculations done by well-known EV critics using information that manufacturers have hinted at so nothing here is precise and can vary after the release of the Ola Diamonhead electric motor.


Given that these types of premium motorcycles are relatively new on the Indian market, it will be interesting to watch how they perform. However, given Ola Electric’s standing and dominance in the Indian industry, we may predict that it will perform reasonably well.

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