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Ola Electric Motorcycle

In a groundbreaking event today, Ola Electric has once again left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape with the highly anticipated launch of its very first electric motorcycle. Ola Electric’s foray into electric motorcycles is poised to be an awe-inspiring movement that will beat the competitors and it would take a lot of time for them to match Ola Electric’s performance.

Let’s Delve into the details of Ola Four Electric’s new Bike along with some exciting features that the bike will have for the customers.



With a laidback stance and sensual lines, the Cruiser is built to enjoy the open road and the freedom it brings. It looks mature yet ominous with dollops of sophisticated bodywork. The floating upper body connects with the rear section of the bike in a powerful manner giving it a tense side profile. 

  • This bike will be for everyone who likes to flaunt their electric bikes. It can be ridden for intracity. With an approximate range of 200-250km
  • With looks, we can say it resembles a bit of Ducati.
  • The rear wheel is a single swing arm with 17′ an inches wheel with a single disc. The front wheel will have a 19’inches wheel with USD Form with dual disc.
  • Tailight is very thin and curvy.
  • The bike has been designed for just one person since no support system for another person can be seen.



For the seekers of thrill and adrenaline, the Adventure is purposeful, strong, and sure-footed. Its tall, athletic, and upright stance brings an element of purity and clarity to its purpose and helps it look unique in a clutter of adventure bikes. The Adventure is all about conquering uncharted territory, being aware of the surroundings, and feeling one with the bike on the roads not taken.

  • This is a long-trip Ola electric bike that is suitable for adventurous roads and hilly terrains.
  • As pointed out by the founder, if you want to hit the mountains, this bike is for you. For example, Leh Ladakh can be an ideal destination with an Adventure bike.
  • The dashboard is estimated of 5’inches
  • The bike will have a 19’inches wheel, and the rear side will have 17′ inches wheel.



Stepping away from the design language of a conventional motorcycle, the deconstructed look of the Roadster strictly demonstrates how the form is following function. Roadster also gets flowing elements around the charger cowling that makes it look playful, agile, authentic, and focused.

  • This bike will be made for everyday use and can be taken to offices, public places, and whatnot.
  • Out of all the bikes, this model is ready to hit the road since the others were showcased but Roadster was seen to be riding by the team of Ola. So this bike can be in the third or fourth stage of development.
  • The front disc is dual, the rear is a single disc with a chained drive.
  • The display is 5′ inches.


The Diamondhead will be the company’s flagship motorcycle. Straight & powerful lines and bold design choices help the Diamondhead look as if it is always in motion. Simplicity, form, and function co-exist in the design. The Diamondhead’s minimalist design means that the rider is always focused on the pure riding experience. Even the main headlamp is located above the front bumper, hidden away, lending it a very stealthy, aerodynamic profile. 

  • Diamondhead is one of the most futuristic models of all electric bikes. It comes with a conical front and a digital dashboard that can help the customers access their ride statistics.
  • This bike has been built especially for the super sports biking segment.
  • The design of this bike is similar to the Tesla’s Cybertruck so we can hope that these vehicles have inspiration drawn from Tesla.
  • The platform used in Diamondhead is also different from the other three bikes.
  • The wheels in the front have dual discs. The rear wheel will have a single disc.
  • The mono shock is bent a little bit, and the motor is connected to the belt type.


Launch of Ola Electric Bikes

Ola will launch its four new electric bikes by the End of 2024, as pointed out by the Founder, Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal in the live event today.

These bikes will be suitable for the global market as well, as the company is planning to define the boundaries of electric mobility in the EV bike segment across the world.

Another exciting update from Ola Electric is that the bikes will be manufactured in India for the whole world.

So keep an eye, and until then keep reading our mindblowing blogs, with the best updates from the EV realm.

How to Book Ola Electric Bike?

Along with unveiling all four electric bikes, Ola Electric has also started the pre-booking of the Electric bikes. To book them, you have to go to the official website of Ola Electric, where we see the electric bike segment.

In Electric Bike Segment you have to click on Explore More. Now we can pre-book any of the four electric bikes by going to the Reserve section.

How much money will have to be paid for pre-booking the Ola electric bike?

For pre-booking the four Ola electric motorcycle, we have to pay a token amount of Rs.999/-.

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