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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electric-motor-manufacturing-companies/The electric motor is invented 10 decades from now. It is beneficial in providing cost-effective solutions for mobility operations.

What is Electric Motor & How does it work?- Wikipedia

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through the interaction between the motor’s magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding to generate force in the form of torque applied on the motor’s shaft(1)

Types of Electric Motors used in Electric Cars?

  1. AC Motor
  • Synchronous Motor( Single Phase Synchronous Motor, Three Phase Synchronous Motor, etc.)
  • Asynchronous Motor (Induction Motor)

There are two main components of an induction motor: the stator and the rotor. The stator is an external, non-moving, chamber in which the rotor rotates. The stator creates a magnetic force utilizing the alternating current that “induces” the rotor to turn.

2. DC Motor

  • Brushed DC Motor
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Coreless or Ironless DC Motors

3. Special Motors

  • Servo Motors,
  • Direct Drive &
  • Linear Motors

Top 10 Electric Motor Manufacturing Companies in India

Here is a list of the top 10 electric motor manufacturing companies in India:

Sr. Company Name  Website
1. ABB India Pvt. www.ABBIndia.com
2. Bharat Bijlee Ltd www.bharatbijlee.com
3. Bonfiglioli www.bonfiglioli.com
4. GE Industrial Motors www.gemotorswolong.com
5. Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd. www.kirloskarelectric.com
6. LHP Motors ( Laxmi Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd ) www.lhp.co.in
7. Lunar Motors
8. Saggu Industries
9. Siemens
10. Metal Motion And Energy Solutions



ABB India Ltd was incorporated in the year 1949. It is a Large Cap company having a market cap of Rs 54,811.16 Crore operating in different sectors. the company offers a comprehensive range of reliable and high-efficiency motors and generators for all applications.

ABB India Ltd.’s key segments include Switch Gear Items, Motors, Alternators, Generators, Others Electronic Control And Supply Units, etc. it helps every industry and application to reach new levels of efficiency and energy savings even under the most demanding conditions.

Combination of the best available materials with superior technology, the electric motors and generators have designs suitable for reliable operation, no matter how challenging the process or application, that too saving costs.


Bharat Bijlee has been manufacturing motors since 1946. It is a preferred and reliable manufacturer in the country. the company has a wide range of motors to suit applications across various sectors.

Bharat Bijlee offers low as well as medium-voltage motors also,  the company provides suitable solutions for extremely harsh and severe applications, customizes motors designs, and manufactures application-specific needs, motors according to the relevant standards, supply chain, reliable deliveries, and superior availability.

Provides rigorous process control and quality assurance. The Comapny deals with all-India service providers and dealers.


Bonfiglioli was set up in April and it started manufacturing motors in 1956. It provides a range of motors like Synchronous and Asynchronous motors.

With a combination of customization and adherence to stringent requirements, Bonfiglioli’s solutions for critical pharmaceutical and chemical processes are engineered exceptionally.

They provide reliable, highly efficient, and low-maintenance motors, ensuring great quality. Excellence, innovation, and sustainability are the motto of the company for growth as a company and team and guarantee the product and service quality we offer our clients.


General Electric (GE) is an American multinational company founded in September 1988 in West Bengal.

It is one of the top leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Electrical generators, Laboratory setups, Electrical motors, and many other products.

The motors are made using the highest grade material which we sourced from the authentic and certified vendors of the industry. Also, these motors are manufactured under the supervision of our skilled professionals as per the world-class standards and parameters by using the latest technology 


Kirloskar electrics was established in 1946. The company has ushered in the indigenous electrical manufacturing industry in India.

They produce more than 70 products under 8 different product groups, catering to several sectors like power generation, transmission and distribution, transportation, renewable energy, sugar, steel, cement, and allied industries.

They are known for their high quality, durability, and reliability. This is due to their emphasis on design and manufacturing. They adhere to international standards by acquiring & adapting the latest technologies along with research and development.


Laxmi hydraulics is a well-known brand synonymous with the latest technology and high-quality induction motors.

They have a manufacturing facility at Solapur in India capable of producing 20,000 induction motors every month. It has become one of the trusted brands for several leading manufacturing companies in India.

They are a well-known motor company in India offering customized solutions, with more than 6000 product variants developed for specific applications. They offer different types of motors like standard induction motors, gear motors, flame-proof motors, brake motors, energy-efficient motors, encoder motors, and different combinations thereof.


Lunar Motors Pvt. Ltd. is a small Scale Sector Company, located at Valsad in India. It was established in 1979 in Gujarat.

They use their developed manufacturing process for giving the customers the best quality and reliability with a lower price range.

They are always keen on new design improvements & developments to achieve better quality, and performance and bring down the cost for customer satisfaction and needs.


Saggu Electrical Industries was established in the year 1982 with a vision to create a lasting impression in the manufacturing and supplying of high-performance Electrical Motors.

Consistent quality and superior performance define their key segment range.

They manufacture and supply high-performance motors, like, Single Phase Motors, FHP Motors, Three Phase Motors, Gear Motors, Loom Motors, Fresh Air Fans, Exhaust Fans, etc. They believe in innovation and adaption of motors.


Siemens have been providing quality and innovation from the very beginning. It was founded in October 1847.

Their electric motors are synonymous with quality, innovation, and the highest efficiency. They have a complete range of industrial motors – synchronous as well as asynchronous: from standard electric motors through servomotors for motion control applications up to high voltage and DC motors. They have been serving in the industry for more than 150 years.


https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electric-motor-manufacturing-companies/Matel motion and energy solutions is an Indian motor company with expertise in manufacturing & design customized electric motors and drives.

They are focused on Industrial automation and energy saving.

The company takes a lot of interest in technological innovations in electromagnetic mobility. Its mission is to provide highly reliable energy-efficient motors and power generation solutions to local and global customers.



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