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New Delhi-based Okaya EV is preparing to launch its first electric Motorcycle under its Premium Brand Ferrato on 2nd May. Ferrato has teased the images of the upcoming motorcycle on its website. Last Month the company provided a teaser of its upcoming launches, hinting at a lineup characterized by advanced technology and refined aesthetics.  

Named as ‘Disruptor’ here are some key specifications of the e- motorcycle:

Torque299 Nm
Top Speed95 kmph
Power6.37 kW


Exceptional Customer Experience and Service Quality

Ferrato is set to offer an outstanding ownership experience by operating within a specialized network integrated with Okaya’s vast dealer infrastructure. This unique strategy highlights the brand’s dedication to granting customers exclusive access to its premium models, coupled with unmatched service excellence. Through this distinct network, Ferrato strives to provide personalized care to each customer, nurturing brand loyalty and satisfaction, thereby enhancing the overall ownership experience.

Pre-booking of the Disruptor motorcycle has started on its official website. The initial pre-booking offer for the first 1000 customers comes at just Rs 500 Following this exclusive pre-booking phase, the price will transition to Rs 2,500.


With the growing demand for premium and high-quality electric motorcycles, the collaboration between Okaya and Ferrato promises to introduce a refreshing change in the electric two-wheeler market. As Ferrato gears up to venture into the electric domain, Okaya EV has taken proactive steps by announcing the establishment of premium service centers exclusively for the Ferrato brand.

Moreover, Okaya EV’s ambitious plan to roll out over 100 dealerships for Ferrato signifies a commitment to expand its reach and enhance customer experience. This initiative is not limited to the launch of a single electric motorcycle; Okaya EV has revealed plans for the introduction of two more electric motorcycles and a scooter under the Ferrato brand. So customers can expect good- quality of electric vehicles from Okaya and Ferrato in the future.  


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