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Ola Adventure Electric Motorcycle

Ola recently showcased its forthcoming motorcycle lineup. They were in the form of a Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and a futuristic-looking sportbike called the Diamondhead.

All these motorcycles feature futuristic design with sharp and sporty design. They adopt a futuristic design philosophy and each of them stands for the essence of the category in terms of its overall design silhouette and intended usage pattern.

Very few details of the bikes were shown and almost no specification and price details were unveiled. However, these details will depend on Ola’s gigafactory operational capacity. By early next year, Ola will start to make its own lithium-ion battery cells which will help in efficient production and reduction in costs as well.

Features & Design 


While the exact particulars of the Ola Adventure have not yet been revealed, one could see at the showcase that the electric motorcycle gets a tall seat, dual-purpose tires, spoked wheels, hand guards, plenty of ground clearance, and an overall rugged look.

All these specifics combined with the great torque and power of Ola indicate that the Adventure will offer great performance off-road.

Ola Adventure Bike will be designed with a chain drive system with a mid-mounted motor. It will also get USD forks and spoked wheels located up front and back. It will have a front wheel of 19 inches and a rear wheel of 17 inches. These features make it the perfect electric motorcycle for adventure.


The Ola Adventure electric motorcycle is expected to have a range of more than 250 kms per charge. It is aimed for the purpose of going on long trips and will be suitable for adventurous roads and hilly terrains

The Ola Adventure will be equipped with fast charging technology as well. It might also have multiple riding modes as well as cruise control.



The upcoming electric motorcycle is expected to be launched at a starting price of around Rs 2.5 to 3 lakh.

Launch Date 

The Indian motorcycle industry has not yet witnessed the launch of electric adventure motorcycles. This might potentially give Ola a major advantage at the time of its launch as the electric motorcycle will have no immediate competition upon its introduction.

The Ola Adventure is expected to be launched towards the end of the year 2024.

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