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Electric Vehicle Courses & EV Training Provider in India

At this juncture, it is challenging to estimate the overall job creation potential of electric cars. However, more electric cars will certainly result in the loss of some jobs in the oil business. However, there is reason to believe that electrification of private transport will spur economic growth. Employment will be created in various Automobile industries on a large scale.

More fuel-efficient automobiles require additional technology, which is designed and manufactured by Engineers in the auto industry. A significant number of these employees will be generated in industries such as vehicle manufacturing, sophisticated batteries, and research and development.

Electric Vehicle Courses & Traning Provider in India

We are getting a lot of questions about electric vehicle training programs from students and other readers. This is a list of EV training companies in India that offer classes and workshops on electric Vehicles, EV powertrains, batteries, and EV charging infrastructure;

Following is the list of EV Courses provider in India

AutoBot India

AutoBot India

AutoBot India is a forerunner in offering mainstream EV solutions in the automotive, education, and racing sectors. they provide training, battery management systems, powertrain integrated systems, product design and development, and track design and development as a service.

 EV Courses Provided by Autobot

  • EIP – Lithium-ion Battery design and development
  • EIP- Powertrain and Embedded System in Electrical Vehicle Technology.
  • EV Engineering- Architecture and Components
  • Introduction to Electrical Vehicle
  • Electrical vehicle Design and Development
  • Power Train selection Process- Electrical
  • BMS- Architecture, Components, and its Application in EV
  • Powertrain Selection Methodologies and its Applications in EV.

Email: [email protected]

Devise Electronics


Throughout the product life cycle, Devise delivers engineering services to its customers. The Institution has completed 70+ projects across industry verticals with over 40,000 hours of technical experience.

The Devise has been at the forefront of new EV technology, assisting clients with electric vehicle development, and autonomous vehicle development, bringing innovation to conventional categories, and driving the adoption of Industry 4.0. Devise has been assisting customers in achieving the ‘Proof of Concept’ with specialized teams across customer locations and domains.

Devise Electronics EV Courses 

  • Basics Of IC Engine
  • Automotive Electronics
  • EV Development Services

Email: [email protected]

Decibels labs

Decibel lab offers you simple course materials, and participant feedback has been quite positive. Decibels will sign a contract with you to guarantee a perfect installation.

Decibels EV labs Courses & Traning

  • machine learning for mechanical engineers
  • Career Oriented Program on Electric Vehicle Technology
  • Program for Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • simulating power electronic circuits using python
  • python for mechanical engineers
  • Building automation robots using Python and Ros
  • Localization and mapping algorithms for autonomous robots
  • Motion Planning Algorithms for Robots in Ross

Email: [email protected]

DIY Guru- Electric Vehicle Course Provider


DIY Guru is a renowned future mobility platform that has assisted in the upskilling of India’s top automotive engineering talent by providing comprehensive industry-relevant training on cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technology.

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The Institution makes sure that you receive an offer after completing the course, that you are satisfied with it, and that you are hired after the program.

DIY guru Electric Vehicle Courses 

  • Specialization Course in EV – The Future Ready Program for Professionals (Certified by ASDC, Govt. of India)
  • Electric vehicle advanced system integration certification program
  • BMS- Battery management system certification course
  • Electrical Vehicle Powertrain engineering (ADVANCED)
  • Electrical vehicle certification course( Future Mobility)
  • Fundamentals of vehicle dynamics
  • Fundamentals of Automobile engineering

Email: [email protected]

Pmanifold EV Training & Certification Program

Pmanifold EV Training & Certification Program

The strategic research and consulting firm facilitate the growth and expansion of smart and cleantech markets in energy, e-mobility, solar, LVDC, enviro, and urban areas. Their dedication to ensuring that viable business concepts are realized, whether through clients, partners, or local entrepreneurs, differentiates them by actively inspiring and helping them in the process.

Pmanifold EV Certification Courses

  • Electrical vehicle systems engineering
  • Electric bus system planning and optimization
  • Battery modeling and simulation
  • E-Truck System Integration
  • For EV Demonstration Planning E-commerce and freight delivery

Tesla EV Academy


Mr. Nitin Banat, who has worked in the EV industry for over a decade, is the brain behind the TESLA EV Academy brand. He is currently the Director of the respected Academy. He worked on his studies at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, the country’s top educational institution for over 4.5 years.

Mr. Nitin is passionate about his profession and wants his students to have a thorough understanding of the electric vehicle industry. Using his talent and knowledge of the field, he has inspired more than 5000 students from all over the country. It allows its students to tap into its global network of thousands of experts to support their learning.

EV Workshop & Courses Provided By Tesla EV Acadamy

  • Diploma in Electric Vehicle Battery Design Course
  • Electric Vehicle Diploma for ITI Students
  • EV Design Calculation Course
  • Electric Vehicle Diploma Course
  • DIY Diploma Course of System Engineering in Electric Vehicle Domain
  • Adv Diploma Course in Battery Design and Energy Storage
  • Professional High Voltage Safety Training in EV Domai

1 Day EV Workshop & Traning Program

  • EV Battery Design
  • Electric Vehicle Charging, EV Charging Infrastructure & Related Business
  • Electric Vehicle Retrofitment & Business Opportunities Course
  • Electric Vehicle Sales & Service Business Opportunity for Automobile Repair Shop Owners
  • EVs Traction Motor Design


Human capabilities are being enhanced as eons-old human pursuits are being disrupted by digital existence. In ambient information and connection, algorithm and code-driven systems have reached more than half of the world’s population, presenting previously unimagined benefits as well as enormous risks.

Certification Courses provided by Pragyatmika 

  • Li-ion battery pack and BMS design
  • Industrial IoT and Information Security
  • Electronics Circuit and PCB Design
  • Embedded System Design Using PIC/AVR/ARM

Haritha tech Logix

The Haritha Tech Logix is dedicated to becoming a partner in the development of a future-proof transportation solution. the team consists of highly motivated professionals with experience in a variety of areas of automotive engineering, including automotive homologation and certification, noise, vibration, harshness, powertrain design, automotive electronics, model-based design for automotive applications, and so on.

EV Internship Program provided by Haritha Tech Logic 

  •   Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering 
  •  Model-Based Design 
  •  Automotive Mechatronics 
  • Vehicle Dynamics & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  •  Design Engineer-Skills for Successful Career

Visit Website: Haritha Tech

 Logiczap NextGen Technologies


Logiczap provides an ecosystem for newborn businesses to work on their ideas, blossom with a formed product, and produce and promote them effectively into the competitive world in a race to create new startups. they are a group of passionate investors that are eager to invest in innovative projects.

The secret to a product’s success is its association with industries. By introducing their ideas and goods to the industries, Logiczap promotes new-age technology and youthful brains.

Training & Placement Program Offered by Logiczap

Logiczap focuses on cost-effective, specialized, and customized training on cutting-edge technologies such as:

  • Electric Vehicle Technologies,
  • Automotive Electronics,
  • Artificial Intelligence, 
  • Machine Learning,
  • Bigdata Analytics, 
  • internet of Things,
  • Computer Vision,
  • Robotics, and
  • Renewable energy resources. 

Email: [email protected]

SkillShark Edu Tech

Skill Shark is an Ed-Tech start-up that focuses on teaching children 21st-century skills. concentrating only on providing skill-based services to educational institutes and youth.

To close the talent gap, the Team is dedicated to working with businesses and academic institutions. Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, motorsports, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and other 21st-century technology are among the topics to be covered.

Email: [email protected]

Academy of EV Technology


This Techno-Commercial course: AEVT bridges the needs of startups throughout this training session so that candidates can understand the technology from the fundamentals of electric vehicles to EVSE equipment such as lithium-ion batteries, battery pack assembly process, EV motor, charger, charging station development, and all other parts/ equipment’s calculation, selection, building a legal foundation, and understanding finance fundamentals, Business Planning, and Fundraising

Electric Vehicle Courses Provided by AAT

  • EV Technology & Business Development
  • EV Charging stations installer
  • Lithium-ion battery pack assembly

EV Consultancy Services Provided by Acadamy of EV technology 

  • B2B B2C Consulting Services
  • Electric Powertrain Design & Engineering
  • Electric Vehicle Public Charging Station
  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • Li-Ion Cell Manufacturing Consultancy
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Assembly Consultancy

Email:  [email protected]

Amika Global Education

Amika Global Education offers B2B and B2C training programs in E-Mobility, EV, and ESS Infrastructure. Educational institutions, OEMs, MSMEs, Corporates & Government Institutions are among the B2B target markets, while the B2C segment is available to EV & ESS fans and hopefuls. 

Emails: [email protected]

How to jumpstart your Career in Electric Vehicle Industry?

The revolution in the automobile industry will eventually help create new careers and job opportunities for engineers, with the new Technology, projected to provide tremendous new job opportunities for the skilled population.

Important profiles in the EV industry that require a skilled workforce are research, designing and development, manufacturing, vehicle maintenance, and infrastructure development.

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The major impetus to becoming an electric vehicle engineer is the increasing demand for electric vehicles. According to research, by 2030, more than 40% of the population will use electric vehicles. Electric vehicles offer several advantages over gasoline-powered vehicles, including minimal pollution, no noise, environmental friendliness, low fuel costs, etc.

Engineers must possess desired qualities such as in-depth knowledge of their field, the ability to learn rapidly and ramp up, a “can do” attitude, and self-motivation. These factors will help you in getting a job in this field.

What is the best way to get into the Electric Vehicle industry?

  • First and foremost, become an expert in your field. If you come from an electrical or electronics background, you should excel in areas such as machines, power electronics, and drives.
  • Build some electric vehicle-related projects, such as converters, BMS, and embedded systems.
  • Get an electric car internship during summer training.

Automobiles Companies That hire Engineers for the EV industry

According to the report, there will be more than 10 million jobs in the EV industry by 2030. Therefore, the companies that are recruiting engineers for the EV industry are:

Tips: Visit their website and get into the careers page and find some open positions, if not, keep tracking them as important

Following are some of the major players in the automobile industry: and they have hired a large number of people after the EV revolution

  • Tata Motors
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd
  • Bajaj Auto Limited
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Honda
  • Ford
  • Tesla
  • Mercedes Benz

As the number of vehicles on the road grows, so does the ecosystem of original equipment manufacturers and component manufacturers. Millions of local, green, and highly trained jobs could be created as a result of electric transport


    • You can join Course online with workshop training as well.
      Simple google electric vehicle courses in India and go with the suitable one.


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