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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/career-opportunities-in-the-electric-vehicle-industry/It’s not all doom and gloom for electric vehicles. The industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. In the long term, consumer demand triumphs, as seen by recent industry advancements. For example, Tesla, the world’s most valued electric vehicle company, is planning to introduce its Electric vehicles in India by later this year.

With the rising emphasis on transitioning from internal combustion engines to electric cars, there are numerous employment possibilities for both existing employees and new hires.

In this article, We’ll talk about-

  • Career Opportunities in the EV Industry
  • Jobs Opportunity in the Electric Vehicle Industry
  • Best ways for Engineering Students to get started Their Career in EV Sector

Table of Contents

Job Hunting in the Electric Vehicle Industry

According to the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the EV industry is estimated to provide around 5 crore direct and indirect employment opportunities. According to estimates from current employment data, the renewable energy (RE) industry has a high employment rate.

And According to the Indian Labor Organization, the employment potential in the renewable energy industry will increase to 38 lakh by 2030.

The significant work possibilities in the EV industry will aid in the improvement of the Indian economy as well as the growth in the employment rate. The electric vehicle sector is brightening the prospects of the nation’s youthful skilled population.

The Recent Scenario of the EV Market in India

According to analysts, businesses like Tesla, Ola Electric, Mahindra, and TVS Motor have made targeted top-level recruitments in line with their business goals in the previous few months.

Tesla has hired senior executives in India, including Chithra Thomas as Head HR, Manuj Khurana as Policy and Division Development head, and Nishant Prasad as head of Tesla’s supercharging business, as the company prepares to launch its first all-electric car in the nation this year.

Experts believe that, with the electric vehicle industry at a crossroads and primed for exponential growth, firms in this area are focusing more on the technical and specialized skills eco-system.

Ola Electric- Employment Areas

Ola Electric is ramping up its attempts to build an electric vehicle, appointing Jaguar veteran Wayne Burgess as Head of Vehicle Design, N Balachandar as the new Chief Operating Officer, and YS Kim as global head of sales and distribution last week. The Company has increased recruiting by 9X in the previous nine months and intends to triple its workforce by the end of the year.

It has increased employment in areas like artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, app development, and the Internet of Things.

“Our focus is to design, develop and manufacture EVs in India and this will require scouting talent from multi-disciplinary fields. We are consistently working towards upskilling and hiring new talent which will help us develop world-class EV technology in India for the world” Rajeshwar Tripathi, CHRO, Mahindra.

Uli Stuhec was named VP and head of the Global Born Electric Platform by Mahindra & Mahindra last month after the company split its EV business into two verticals: Last Mile Mobility (LMM) and Electric Vehicle Tech Centre. Pratap Bose, the former design head of Tata Motors, was recently recruited by Mahindra and is anticipated to play a key role in the Indian EV market.

How Do you go from a job that involves ICE Vehicles to one that involves EVs?


This field is for professionals who are already employed in the automotive sector and are interested in transitioning to the new electric vehicle industry.

Engineers who have worked in the sector before having a set of relevant and mature abilities. These abilities are important because they are not taught in textbooks and can only be learned through practice. A broad grasp of the automobile business, domain standard operating procedures, supply chain, and customer behavior are examples of such talents. 

When it comes to working with electric vehicles, such automotive abilities will be as vital. When going in for interviews with electric car businesses, professionals should emphasize these softer talents. Before switching to the EV domain, professionals who have been in specialized positions for a long time may need to brush up on basic electrical and electronics engineering principles.

What is the most Efficient Technique in Shifting from ICE to EV Industry?

The most important factor is scaled up, if the appropriate scale-up is not achieved the manufacturing will see a blow. For this to happen the engineers need to put double the effort into the EV industry.

It is very vital to hire engineers with considerable experience in the automobile industry. As they already the vitals and basics of the industry and would work with higher efficiency as not all skills can be taught, most of them are learned and equipped on your own.

EV industry requires more computing power, therefore engineers who are friendly users of the computer would surely see this as their chance to flourish.

How do you prepare yourself for a Successful Career in EV Industry?

There are many ways a candidate who looks forward to getting into EV, today, there are several tools that could help you.

Applying to Online EV Courses

Online Courses help enhance your skills and also look good on your resume. You could apply to Coursera, or any institution providing online EV training.

Course layout- Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy

The key topics that are going to be discussed in this course are
1. Overview of Electric Vehicles in India
2. Vehicle Dynamics
3. Vehicle Subsystems: EV Power-train
4. a Storage for EVs
4. b Fundamentals of EV Battery Pack design
5. EV Motors and Controllers: Fundamentals and Design
6. Vehicle Accessories
7. Battery Charging and Swapping
8. Introduction to Energy Scenario in India
9. a Solar and Wind energy in India: Economics of centralized generation
9. b Decentralized Solar energy generation
10. Storage options for Energy

Get hands-on Training on most used Software in Automobile Sector

In the era is of technology every company uses automobile software to design and rendering the Product, and this could be one of the best ways to start your career in the Electric vehicle sector.

Here is the list of most used Design software in the automobile sector

  • Auto cad- to design the architecture of the product
  • 3ds Max to render the product
  • Mathcad
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software
  • SolidWorks
  • Unigraphics

Attending Live Training Electric Vehicle Sessions

Many government and private firms organize live training sessions for the EV Industry, find your appropriate EV set of live sessions and get ready to step into the EV industry. work on your skills, and if you have, sharpen it-

Here is a very famous Quotes Given by “Abraham Lincoln

Use Social media to Connect with EV Expert

social media is a great platform to connect with the right people, you can use LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Use social media tools to connect with EV Industry experts and get the right information.

Opportunities in the Leading EV Companies

As electric cars become more common, the industry is projected to provide a plethora of job possibilities. If any of the following options pique your interest, you should conduct some more research on your own to broaden your knowledge of the technology and industry. This will assist you in making appropriate job choices.

According to analysts, EVs continue to see an infusion of technological innovation, and new business models will aid in the creation of new employment. Over the next 2-3 years, Mahindra’s EV division is expected to hire an additional 7-8 percent across the two verticals.

Mahindra & Mahindra

“Our primary goal is to design, develop, and manufacture electric vehicles in India, which will necessitate recruiting expertise from a variety of disciplines. We are constantly upskilling and employing fresh personnel to enable us to build world-class EV technology in India for the rest of the world,” said Rajeshwar Tripathi, Mahindra’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

According to reports, while Mahindra has experienced a turnover in people, it has also made numerous mid-level postings recently.

Mahindra’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Rajeshwar Tripathi, stated, “We are continually upskilling and employing fresh individuals to allow us to create world-class EV technology in India for the rest of the globe.”

While Mahindra had a lot of churns, it has also made a lot of mid-level Job posts.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors is ready to join the EV employment bandwagon, buoyed by the success of its electric car. Nexon EV is also set to join the EV hiring bandwagon, bolstered by the success of its electric vehicle. “As a pioneer in the rapidly expanding EV market, we are familiar with both its intricacies and overlaps with ICE cars.

“We have brought in external knowledge when needed through recruiting and collaborations,” said Ravindra Kumar G.P., Tata Motors’ Chief Human Resources Officer.

A ride-hailing service based in the United States Ola is constructing a state-of-the-art electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Chennai to produce electric scooters. Even though Ola’s electric car manufacturing factory employs 5,000 robots, the company expects to generate 10,000 direct and indirect employment in the area.

The push is influencing the component space, in addition to direct employment at manufacturing sites. Increased local battery manufacture would result in a 15-18% increase in employment for skill sets such as Product Design & Development.

According to experts, this would result in jobs for particular tasks such as product design of Lithium-ion battery packs, product designs and drawings of various software, target Products Ready Cells to End product design such as battery packs.

Job Options in EV Industry 

Electric vehicles as a product and the electric vehicle industry as a whole require new knowledge and skills. They reflect a change in the way jobs are organized. Some of the industry’s new employment requirements may be broken down into the following categories:

Following are the list of job opportunities in the EV Industry

  • Scientific Research
  • Design and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Infrastructure

Job Opportunities in Scientific Research

The several scientists appointed in the electrical vehicle industry have only one aim and that is to bring enhancements to the existing technology. They work on improvements like faster battery charging for higher consumption and capacity.

The research and development team is also mostly made up of scientists working mostly at the laboratories and partnering with Design and Development team for better improvements.

Job Opportunities in Design and Development

These are mostly engineers, technicians, and designers, people with the craft of building and enhancing. Drafting is another important task in the department and requires skilled able drafters.

Engineers prepared to work in this department must be computer friendly and efficient with the use of it. Engineers appointed in this area of the EV industry are required to have a vast scene of skill set and require to team up and gear different work systems.

Job Opportunities in EV Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a very difficult and hardening process and requires a great man force and skill set. The electrical vehicle industry is very different from the traditional sense of manufacturing a car or bike, this requires a skilled set of hands and mind and appropriate machinery.

Many appointed in this department are also skilled enough to work with the building of charging stations and other electrical vehicle enhancements.

Job Opportunities in EV Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important department, although it might not require a highly qualified engineer and works perfectly fine with our everyday repairman. It is very essential to employ an experienced technician who is responsible for the maintenance of electrical vehicles.

Opportunities in Infrastructure

With an increasing number of people inclining towards the electrical vehicle industry, the electric vehicle infrastructure needs a boost. There will be a dire need for charging stations and better roads.

Paving a Path Retaining job Opportunities in the EV industry

Working on an engineering problem related to electric vehicles can help a student gain the necessary fit for the sector. Students can do the following to gain practical experience and grasp the job selection process:

Add Projects to your Resume

Work as a Research and Development engineer, help senior project managers learn from their experience then work on your own projects.

Go for the Internship in leading EV Companies

Internships allow you to gain confidence and work more efficiently. They allow you to interact with your fellow like-minded students and learn so much more from your mentors.

Research and Learning Enhancements

Research is very important for an engineering student, always have a research paper as it is very important to gain a job opportunity in the EV industry. Also, work in several other departments to learn and gain experience.

Why should you Consider a Career in the EV industry?

If you have an engineering degree, the EV degree industry is a very promising career to jumpstart your career, combining your skillset with a hint of mathematics and electronics you can easily station yourself as an EV opportunist gaining a ton load of experience and sanctioning yourself a secure future.

Working in the EV industry not only is benefiting your career but is helping you create a better future for the environment. As the world decides to go eco friendly the EV industry is very beneficial and can be seen as your golden ticket to have a safe and secure future.

Best Tips to Make a Career in the EV industry

Start with an amazing degree in engineering, top it up with a local training job, gain experience and make yourself eligible for several different departments as mentioned above. Be constantly updated about your EV industry information. Work harder on your research papers to create better ideas to present to your employer.

Practice your way up the industry, create a difference; practice makes a man perfect. Be very optimistic and work in different areas then choose the best job opportunity and make your career go upwards.

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