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Electric two-wheelers are becoming increasingly popular and many companies are releasing new models in this category. In this article, we have tried covering a whole range of upcoming electric two-wheelers.

Electric Scooters and Bikes in India 2023

List of Top upcoming electric Scooters and bikes that are expected to launch in India in the year 2023.

Electric Scooter & Bike Price (Expected)Range (Km/charge)Expected Launch
Gogoro 2 Series ₹1.50 lakhs/- 170 KmFebruary 2023
Matter 07  ₹1.6-2.0 lakhs/- 120-150 KmJanuary 2023
BMW CE 04 ₹ 9 lakhs/- 130 KmJanuary 2023
Hero Electric AE-8₹ 70,000/-  80 Km January 2023
Future Garage ELK₹ 1.5 lakhs/- 200 KmJanuary 2023
Bajaj Chetak  ₹ 1-1.15 lakhs/- 95 Km February 2023
Suzuki Burgman₹ 1.20 lakhs/- 6080 KmJanuary 2023
Honda Activa ₹1.10 lakhs/- 95 Km September 2023
LML Electric Scooter ₹ 1 lakh/- (Swappable Battery)2023
Vespa Elettrica ₹1 lakh /- 25-70 Km2023
Simple Energy1-1.05 lakh236kmJanuary 2023
Raptee₹ 1.20-1.50 lakh/-150 Km2023
Pure EV Eco Dryft1.30 lakh85-130 KmJanuary 2023

Gogoro 2 Series


Price1.50 lakhs expected
Excepted launch dateFebruary 2023


Gogoro 2 Series Specifications

Range170 km/charge
Power7.2kW with 27Nm torque
Acceleration50kmph at 3.7seconds
Braking SystemSBS Brakes


Gogoro 2 Series will be the seventh vehicle in a row apart from other vehicles. The new Gorgo 2 series will have two variants  Gogoro 2 premium and Gogoro 2 Plus. The other features of the Gogoro 2 series vehicle are SBS braking system, spectrum dashboard, IQ system, and swappable battery as partnered with Zypp Electric. This electric scooter is built on a monocoque aluminum chassis with a single-sided fork at the front and a mono-shock at the rear. Braking is by discs at both ends measuring 226mm front and 162mm back.

Matter 07 Electric Bike


Price1.6-2.0 lakhs expected
Excepted launch dateJanuary 2023


Matter 07 technical specifications

Range120-150 km/charge
Motor5kW at 520Nm torque
ModeEco, city, power


With the coming Expo, Matter’s CEO said that “Our upcoming models will target the mid- and performance-premium electric motorcycle segment customer who wants the benefits of the EV, a performance greater than the ICE, and also wants to showcase their care for the climate.”

A 5kw battery pack powers the Matter 07, which produces 10.5kw of power and 520 nm of torque, and it has a driving range between 125 and 150 kilometers. As far as the range is concerned, it is half of the Ultraviolettes F77, despite its larger battery pack.

BMW CE 04 electric scooter


Price9 lakhs expected
Excepted launch date2023


BMW CE 04 specifications

Range130/km charge
Power42hp and 62Nm
Top Speed120 kmph


As of now, BMW Motorrad only sells CE 04 electric scooters in its international markets. It was first introduced in 2021 in the Europe market. The electric scooter has a liquid-cooled, permanently excited synchronous motor that generates 42hp and 62Nm of torque. Not just this, but the motor is paired with an 8.9kWh battery. The top speed covered by the vehicle is 120kmph as against the world’s fastest 130km of range.

Hero Electric AE-8


PriceRs. 70,000 expected
Excepted launch dateJanuary 2023


Hero Electric AE-8 specifications

Range80/km charge
Battery typeLithium-ion
Top Speed25 kmph


The AE-8 features a full-LED headlight with halo LED DRL, a full-digital instrument console, a range of 80km on a single charge, and a top speed of 25kmph.

Future Garages ELK bike


Price1.5 lakhs expected
Excepted launch dateJanuary 2023


ELK bike specifications

Range200/km charge
Charging time1-2.5 hours
Motor capacity5kW
Top Speed100 kmph


Future Garages is a new startup and ELK is their first venture that will be launched in Auto Expo 2023. Along with that they have partnered with government bodies like MeitY, STPI, IESA, and Electropreneurpark, which have readily backed them since Future Garages offer an advanced technological product for the Indian audience and its roads.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter


Price1-1.15 lakhs expected
Excepted launch dateFebruary 2023


Bajaj Chetak Electric scooter

Range95/km charge
Ride mode2
Motor power4kW with a whooping torque of 16Nm
Variants3 colors


Bajaj chetak has been on the Indian road since time immemorial and this new version of the electric scooter with an affordable price will come with technical specifications like it has a battery capacity of 3kWh with an IP-67 rate, and can travel 95 kilometers on one charge, taking five hours to charge. The scooter can touch at a top speed of up to 78 kmph.

Suzuki Burgman Electric scooter


Price1.20 lakhs expected
Excepted launch dateJanuary 2023


Suzuki Burgman Electric scooter specifications

Riding Mode2 modes
Motor power4kW
Variants2 colors; white and blue


Suzuki a Japanese brand has decided to launch its electric scooter in January 2023 and it will be identical to its ICE vehicle. The electric vehicle will have two riding motors and it comes with a range of 60-80km with a motor power of 4kW. The company is also very critical regarding the colors of the vehicle. Suzuki is the most trusted brand in India as they have been selling vehicles for a long time now.

Honda Activa Electric scooter


Price1.10 lakhs expected
Excepted launch dateSeptember 2023


Honda Activa electric scooter specifications

Riding Mode3 modes
Motor power1kW
Range95 km


Hero has been the top star of the electric two-wheeler since 2007 and even today they haven’t stopped the progress. We see multiple hero products in the electric segment even today. This new launch of the electric vehicle is expected the mid-September 2023. We think it will be named Activa 126 and Activa 6G.

LML Electric Scooter


Price1 lakh expected
Excepted launch date2023


LML electric scooter specifications

Riding Mode2 modes
Battery packSwappable
Wheel6061 alloy frame
Rating of the battery1P67


LML the famous brand closed all its operations in the year 2017 but they are back again with three new variants of its electric scooter that are Orion e-bicycle, Moonshot e-bike, and Star e-scooter.

Vespa Elettrica scooter


Price1 lakh expected
Excepted launch date2023


Vespa Elettrica scooter specifications

Power4kW with 200Nm torque
Charging time4hours
Battery Capacity86.4 Ah


The vehicle looks similar to the ICE Vespa, it is designed keeping in mind the rough terrain and the fun aspect of the vehicle. We have to wait for unveiling the whole information.

This brings us to the end of our discussion hope you liked the list if you have noticed any other vehicle that we have missed kindly comment below and we’ll add that vehicle to our list right away.

Simple Energy


Price1-1.05 lakh expected
Excepted launch dateJanuary 2023


Simple energy: One scooter specifications

Rated Power4,500 power
Top speed105 kmph
Kerb weight110 kg


Simple Energy is a Banglaore-based startup that aims to contribute to the Indian electric 2W segment. The scooter has a range of 203km in Eco mode with a 4.8kWh battery pack. In addition to it, the claimed acceleration is 0-40 within 2.95 seconds, the scooter is powered by a 4.5kW motor with 72Nm torque. As a result, it can reach speeds up to 105kmph.



Price1.20-1.50 lakh expected
Excepted launch date2023


Raptee bike specifications

Acceleration0-60kmph in less than 3.5 seconds
Top speed135 kmph
Charging time0-80% charge within 45 minutes


In the month of November, Raptee was spotted testing their electric bikes. Raptee is a Chennai-based startup that is currently looking to secure seed funding. According to Dinesh Arjun, CEO, and co-founder of Raptee Energy, the motorcycle would compete against 250cc and 500cc vehicles, while the company is also developing a 150cc motorcycle.

Pure EV “Ecodryft” bike


Price1.30 lakh expected
Excepted launch dateJanuary 2023


Pure EV Ecodryft bike specifications

Range85-130 km/charge
Rated Power3kWh with 40Nm torque
Top speed75 kmph
Charging time3 hours from 20-80% using a 60 V CAN charger

Pure EV has three models currently available in the market: ETRYST 350, EPLUTO 7G, and ETRANCE NEO. Out of these, only ETRYST 350 is the only motorcycle while the other two electric vehicles are in the scooter form. EcoDrfty will be the fourth jewel in the set.

Ecodryft has a kerb weight of 101 kg and a payload capacity of 140 kg. Along with that, the bike can hit an acceleration of 0-40 within 5 seconds.

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