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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/10-upcoming-electric-motorcycles-from-honda-launch-by-2025/Honda is the name that comes first in everyone’s mind when they think of buying a two-wheeler as many consider it not only one of the best, but it also ranks among the list in terms of quality and performance in their vehicle.

Why is Honda taking so long to launch EVs in India?

Now users in the world of transportation are turning to electric vehicles to get a more reliable source of energy than fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. Honda is also taking part in this race but is in a slow and steady state. As Honda wants to study how an EV performs in the Indian environment as Honda knows India’s climate, atmosphere, roads, and ridership are very different across the country.

They need to maintain the quality, performance, and price of their vehicle in order to meet their demands and requirements. For that, they need time to study and analyze before launching their EV in the Indian market. Their EVs are already running in Japan but for India, they need more robust and better-performing EVs. To this, they have been working on it for two years.

Honda EV Testing 

Honda has started their EV testing in India in the last two years, they were very thorough in their study as they looked at how the EVs in the market is performing and what are the advantages and disadvantages they are facing in the Indian weather and roads.

During the study, they used their own commuter model of the EV that they already sell in Japan. BENLY models adjust with their Activa which is already their best-selling vehicle in the petrol segment. They are also using this model in testing in other Asian countries like Thailand

Honda journey and ecosystem: In their journey, they have covered and collected data of 200000 km data and they plan to build a battery swapping Ecosystem for their EVs and for other three-wheelers EV. for the there swapping battery ecosystem they have tested so far 7000 swappable batteries but only in the two-wheeler segment. Honda called their swappable battery with the name of Honda Mobile power pack for the swapping battery, they have to collaborate with HPCL and Bangalore metro. All their testing is currently happening in the Thane district of Maharashtra.

Honda Plan For EV and Flex-fuel Vehicle by 2025


Honda’s new head Mr. Takuya Tsumura who took this position in the company during the month of April 22 disclosed little but very exciting news there plan for the Indian market by 2025. he disclosed that Honda will launch at least 10 electric bikes and scooters by 2025 and some flex-fuel Vehicles they have already patented a hub motor design in India for their upcoming model

The 10 EVs they will launch in 2025 will come in many variants and sub-variants like scooty, bike, and superbikes, and in sub-variant, they will launch under scooter like active like variant which will be their 1st launch in 1st half of 2023. bikes around the end of 2024. and all by 2025

The same goes for their Flex fuel variant where they still working on its engine and its performance so we can expect that flex-fuel will be around early 2024 or late 2023 but not before because honda will not compromise with quality and performance of its product as currently in India there is no vehicle manufacturer has launched any Flex fuel vehicle so honda taking its time and effort but also analysis all the facts and figures before any launch. India’s 1st flex fuel will be launched by the end of 2023


What We Expecting from honda’s 1st EV Launch

Honda plans to cash in the EV market in the name of their few established models like Activa (modified name: Honda Activa Electric). as per an expert report, honda will use some of its old model names in their new Electric and Flex fuel vehicles. and currently, they disclosed very few details about their 1st launch where they will launch the Electric scooter but experts say they will launch the bike too. and there will happen in the Bangalore area as they build their 1st  battery-swapping ecosystem there.

There scooter or bike is expected to come under two to three variants in terms of range and batteries as per market demand people are expecting that honda EV give around the range of 100km to 200km, top speed around 100km/h to 150km/h and charging time will be around 2.5 hrs to 6 hrs range depending upon battery and charger you are using. and most importantly the Price will be around 1.1lakhs to 2 lakhs range for both bikes and scooters which honda has given indication that their EV and batteries will keep their customer’s expectations and trust in them intact.

As honda knows the mindset of Indians in terms of two-wheelers Honda expects to sell around 1 million units approx in the Indian subcontinent itself and 3.5 million by the end of 2030.


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