Upcoming Electric Motorcycles Under 2 Lakhs 

There are many premium segment electric motorcycles available in the Indian market. These electric motorcycles come with a lot of high-tech & features. But still, there is a huge group in India who are waiting for such an electric motorcycle that is economical as well as can be useful for their daily tasks. Today we will tell you about 7 upcoming electric motorcycles under 2 lakhs which are coming soon in the Indian market.

Svitch CSR 762

Coming first in our list of upcycling electric motorcycles under 2 lakhs is the Svitch CSR762. There is a lot of expectation from this electric motorcycle in India and a big group is sitting waiting for it. Svitch CSR 762 is one of the safest electric motorcycles for riding and provides sports-grade comfort while driving inside the city. CSR 762 uses the motto, ‘Float like a Cadillac, sting like a beamer’.


There is a place for keeping your mobile phone on the bike, and also there is a provision for charging the phone. There is a Svitch Smart Solutions App, in which there are many features like locate my bike, battery maintenance, bike service remainders, GPS, etc.


The Svitch CSR 762 bike has an AC permanent magnet synchronous motor. There is a servo steering in the bike, which is more efficient than the power steering. The motor rating is 3kWh and the peak rating is 10 kWh at 3800 RPM. There is a Li-ion battery of capacity 3 kWh. The top speed of the CSR 762 can be as high as 110 km/hour. On a single charge, the bike can travel up to 160 km.

Riding Modes

There are 6 driving modes in the CSR 762. Among them, 3 regular modes of traveling in an urban city. Apart from that, 1 Park mode, 1 reverse mode, and 1 sports mode exist. You can go for a sin, without thinking of battery usage.

Odysse Vader

Odyssey recently launched the Vader electric motorcycle in the Indian market. The booking of this electric bike has been started by the company but its delivery is going to start very soon.


The Odysse VADER Electric Bike comes equipped with a range of features that make it stand out from the competition. The Odysse EV App, available on Android, offers a Bike Locator, Anti-theft, Geo fence, Immobilization, track & trace, and Low battery Alert, among other essential utilities for ease of navigation.


The maximum speed of the Odysse Vader electric bike is 85 km/hour. The battery capacity of this electric bike is 3.7 kWh. The electric vehicle can be charged in around 4 hours. The motor capacity of the electric bike is about 3000 kWh. The electric bike has a fast charging mode available in it. The braking system of the Odysse Vader is a combi braking system. This electric bike has a waterproof motor, navigation assistance, and an anti-theft lock. The battery available in it is an AIS-156-approved smart battery.

Price & Delivery 

Odysse VADER Electric Motorcycle is Launched in India With a Starting Price Tag of 1.10 Lakh/-. Odysse Vader is available for booking both from the company’s website and at any of the company’s 68 outlets across the country. With a minimal booking amount of just Rs 999.

The delivery of the bike will begin in July 2023.

Royal Enfield

After performing well in the petrol motorcycle segment, Royal Enfield is now all set to enter the electric motorcycle category as well. If the latest reports are to be believed, very soon the electric motorcycle will be launched in cement and work is being done on it.

Design and features 

The upcoming motorcycle from Royal Enfield boasts a classic design, incorporating a traditional girder fork and a distinctive “fuel tank.” This nostalgic touch will appeal to fans of the brand who love the classic styling of Royal Enfield bikes. The combination of modern technology and old-fashioned design elements is sure to create a bike that stands out from the crowd and provides a unique and thrilling riding experience.

Safety and Specifications 

The bike will also have ISO 26262 safety model guidelines, Flux Motor, Battery pack 1D thermal model and validation, Full EV performance studies and validation using GT-Suite, Simulink, Amesim, Range, Acceleration, Roll-On, etc.

Launch and Price 

Royal Enfield is eyeing a business potential of 1.2 to 1.8 lakh units per annum from EVs within a few years of its market entry in the second half of 2024. Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle could be debuted in the Indian market in late 2024.

Although Royal Enfield motorcycles usually come with high prices, the company is planning to bring an affordable electric motorcycle into the electric vehicle segment, it is expected that the price of this electric motorcycle will be between 1.9 lakh to 2 lakh. Will be Can bring to the market.

Raptee Electric Bike

Raptee Energy is a Chennai-based electric vehicle startup company that is planning to start the sales of its electric vehicles in the coming months. Rapti Energy recently teased its upcoming electric motorcycle for the Indian market. Dinesh Arjun, CEO, and co-founder of Raptee Energy said that the motorcycle would compete with 250cc and 500cc vehicles. The company is working on a different vehicle that will go on sale in 2024 and compete with 150cc motorcycles.  The 500cc electric bike could be a premium segment electric motorcycle and on the other hand, the 250cc electric bike would be a budget segment electric bike.


According to the company, the current electric bike will offer the following features: The Raptee electric bike would be having a greatest speed of 135 km/hour. The electric bike would be having a real-world range of 150 km. As per the reports from the company website, the Raptee electric bike is capable of covering 0-60 km/hr in less than 3.5 seconds and charging capacity of 0-80% charge within 45 minutes.

Price and Launched 

According to Some Previous Media, Reports Raptee electric bike is expected to be launched by the end of  2023 in the Indian market. Although the company has not disclosed the price of its electric motorcycle, it is expected to come in the budget segment. The estimated price of Raptee Electric Motorcycle is around Rs.1.90 – 2 Lakh.

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Joy Rockefeller

In the auto expo 2023, Joy e-bikes launched its all-new electric motorcycle- Joy Rockefeller. This motorcycle is expected to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle market. The Joy Rockefeller was Showcased by Joy e-bikes alongside the Joy MIHOS and Joy E-rik at the Auto Expo 2023.

Look and Design 

Most part of the chassis seems to be made out of some sort of polymer of the Joy Rockefeller electric motorcycle. Engine space is replaced by a battery pack on this motorcycle which remains covered in order to prevent it from rough weather conditions.


The Joy Rockefeller Electric Motorcycle is expected to have a range of 100 km on a single charge, which is in competition with other electric motorcycles currently available on the market. This extended range allows for longer rides without the need for frequent stops to recharge

Price and Launch 

The Launch date for the Rockefeller Electric Motorcycle is not yet announced. The electric bike is expected to be launched in India by the end of the year, 2024. The price of the electric bike is anticipated to be about Rs. 1,20,000.

Hero Electric AE-47

A few years ago Hero Electric Showcased its first electric bike- Hero AE-47 Electric Bike. It could be a budget-oriented electric bike for users who is waiting for this electric bike for a long time of period.


The Hero AE-47 electric bike will come with many modern features like a mobile app for the bike, which would assist with GPS, GPRS, real-time tracking, cruise control, etc. The bike will be having a USB charger also.


This electric bike would be having a top speed of 85 km/hour. There will be a powerful 4 kW hub motor in it. The Hero Electric AE-47 can achieve 0-60 km/hour in 9 seconds. The charge time of the AE-47 is 4 hours. The electric bike is equipped with a swappable 3.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery. It can travel 85 km in the Eco mode, and in power mode, its range is 160 km per charge.

Price and Launch 

Although the company has not given any update on its launch, Hero Electric AE-47 is expected to be launched by June 2023 in the Indian market. The price of this electric bike is expected to be about Rs. 1,25,000 – 1,50,000.

Tork Kratos X

Pune-based EV manufacturer has showcased their brand new electric motorcycle, The Tork Kratos X at the Auto Expo 2023. This seems to be an upgraded version of the Kratos R which hit the Indian markets the previous year.

Riding Modes

The bike will be having single transmission. The Tork Kratos X would be available with 4 modes- Eco mode, City mode, sports mode, and reverse mode.


The Tork Kratos X will be having a maximum speed of 105 km/hour. The IDC range of the electric bike is 180 km. The vehicle can be charged at home in 4-5 hours. There is a fast charger available with the bike, which can charge the bike for up to 80% in one hour. The electric bike will be having a powerful motor of rating 9 kW. There will be maximum torque of rating 38 Nm. The Tork Kratos X will be having a Li-ion battery pack of rating 4 kWh. The motor is of axial flux PMSM type.

Price and Launch 

The Tork Kratos electric bike is expected to be launched in June 2023 in India. The price of the electric bike is anticipated to be around Rs. 1,80,000 – 1,90,000.


After reading about the top upcoming electric motorcycles under 2 lakhs in India, you might have got a good idea about the vehicles. These were the electric motorcycles that would soon enter the Indian market. The Government of India has recently reduced the subsidy of electric two-wheelers, due to which there has been a huge jump in the prices of electric two wheelers for almost all the companies in India. It is also possible that the prices of these upcoming electric motorcycles will also increase soon.

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