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Raptee Energy is an avant-garde three-and-a-half-year-old electric mobility startup hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. On the mission of revolutionizing the automobile sector of India. With their much-anticipated electric bike poised for release by the end of this year, the team of E-VehicleInfo had to gather the missing information about Raptee and hence the ambitious interview was conducted.

The founder said, “Our vehicle will be initially costlier and we will ensure that our bikes have a unique state of an art facility. The bike will initially offer direct competition to the 250CC ICE vehicles and they’ll also compete directly with the present technology. We have various other models in the pipeline says the founder. This vehicle will be a better competitor than any other 250cc motorcycle in the Indian market.” 

How Raptee Electric Bikes are different?

The secret behind the meticulous bike is the specific drivetrain proudly made in India. However, the road isn’t easy since the company had to face various challenges like reaching the optimal voltage and the audacious task of transforming the traditional realm of automotive servicing. The founder stated that “We believe our customers will have a thrill, a connection with the Raptee motorcycle rather than the petrol bike because of the upgraded features.” 

Apart from this, they also have an in-house data collection system, empowering them to swiftly conquer real-time hurdles. These will help a consumer get all the assistance required even when they cannot make a quick visit to the experience center.

Specifications of Raptee Bikes?

The bike will be a direct competitor of the 250CC ICE electric bikes. Along with that, the company will offer the lightest bike that will enhance capacity. 

This isn’t the end, because the founder mentioned that they are working on other products as well,  that are currently in the pipeline. 

Range and Charging time of Raptee bikes

The company is focusing on giving the range of a bike twice times the average requirement. Where the customer has to charge their vehicle once a week. This will boost vehicle adoption.

The expected launch date of the Raptee bike 

The founder has a clear vision that they don’t want their customers to wait and then launch the bike but rather they want their bikes to be ready. So we can expect the brand to hit the roads by the end of this year which also includes delivering the bikes. Since the company wants to connect with the customer and their needs and not just buy the bikes for the sake of it. 

The company has a dealership model of both online and offline markets which will expand to more cities post-launch from the second year onwards. 

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Questions asked to the founder during the interview 

Let’s jump into the Q&A section and find the mission, vision, and value behind the company.

Question 1: What is the USP of Raptee Energy? 

In simple terms, Raptee Energy is directly proportional to the High voltage:  electric motorcycles that offer numerous advantages like better performance vehicles along with reliability and consistency. This is a major problem that big electric vehicle companies are unable to address in different terrains across India. According to the founder, “We are the only electric two-wheeler that can leverage the public charging infrastructure that is already there in the Indian market. But with Raptee, you can use the CCS infrastructure that the government has already deployed. 

Question 2: Design inspiration for Raptee Bikes?

The inspiration comes from the vision of the company, “Safe, smart, and sustainable mobility to the masses.” The founder mentioned that “We are using electricity as the enabler for mobility and that is our inspiration. We are doing this for a larger mission, the needs of the customer. We have put in a lot of effort to know what a customer wants and what is his aspiration, and the range expectations of the customers.”

Question 3: What is the marketing strategy of Raptee Energy?

The founder told the team of EvehicleInfo, “Our bike has been in the process of building and testing for over 2 years now and this brings them to the marketing of the company. The founder also told us that these campaigns are being designed by Jayapradeep V as Chief Business Officer who worked as an ex-royal enfield employee for 15 years as a Business Head for India and Saarc region. Adding to this, Mr. Jayapradeep V, “Initially we will focus on Tier 1 cities to open the experience centers. It will be followed by both offline and online modes keeping in mind customer comfort. 

Question 4: Why did you choose that your first product will electric bike and not another vehicle?

According to the founder, he has been exposed to the space for over a decade and thinks that India is a motorcycle-dominant market and it sells twice bikes as scooters. He also believed that close to 70% of electric scooters have been there in India as opposed to electric scooters and this leaves a huge chunk for them. This becomes important for India since it needs to harness the growing technology in the bike segment now that the scooter segment has been equipped to the maximum.  

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