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Tork Kratos X Electric Motorcycle 

Pune-based EV manufacturer has showcased their brand new electric motorcycle, The Tork Kratos X at the Auto Expo 2023. This seems to be an upgraded version of the Kratos R which hit the Indian markets the previous year. Some of the details which have been provided about Kratos X are covered in this article.



The Kratos X in terms of visuals is not much different from the Kratos R. Apart from the few design changes and a visible bigger motor there are not many noticeable changes made to the Kratos X’s design. Overall the build quality can be said to be good. This bike has a sporty feel to it which might appeal more to the younger generation.

Price and Launch


The Kratos X is an awaited motorcycle and is expected to release by mid-2023. Since the bike has not yet been released and there is no signs of pre-booking from the official sources it is not possible to estimate the price of this bike. If Tork manages to launch this motorbike at an affordable price then it will surely be a game changer in the Electric Motorcycle industry.

Specifications and Features


The Kratos X can provide a real-world range of about 120 kilometers. This range is possible due to the 4 kWh battery and motor which peaks at 9 kWh. This electric bike comes with a new upgraded 7-inch TFT display which is touch controlled. One benefit of this new display is that it allows the motorcycle to run completely keyless and it can also be unlocked with a smartphone.

Tork Charging Options


 Tork, along with the Kratos X also showcased the charging infrastructure that will be used for this electric motorcycle. The home mount charger is rated at 750 watts which can charge the motorcycle from 20% to 80% in around 4 hours. The charging time for 0 to 100% is approximately 6.5 hours which is good considering the alternatives to this bike. Tork also showcased the portable charger that they have been working on. However, it is yet to release and no fixed date has been announced yet. Tork has also built a fast charging infrastructure that can charge from 20 – 80% in just 1 hour. 


The Tork Kratos X can be seen as a link between the modern features that some scooter manufacturers provide and the specifications of Electric Motorcycles. Coming with a sporty design this bike is expected to attract the younger generation more. The range and the charging time of this bike make it a great choice if launched at a fair price. It will be interesting to see how Tork motors expand their charging infrastructure from Pune to other cities and states.

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