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Electric mobility is gaining remarkable traction in India, surpassing initial expectations. This surge is particularly fueled by India’s status as the world’s largest two-wheeler market, presenting an opportune landscape for diverse approaches to electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Among the key players in the two-wheeler EV sector is GoGoA1, known for its distinctive strategy of electrifying existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles rather than promoting entirely new EVs.

GoGoA1’s Approach:

In the realm of two-wheeler EVs, GoGoA1 stands out for its unique methodology. Rather than pushing new electric vehicles into the market, the company focuses on electrifying conventional ICE vehicles. This approach is gaining attention, especially as an electric Hero Splendor prototype has been spotted undergoing testing in Pune, bearing the potential influence of GoGoA1’s recently developed electric conversion kit.

Hero Splendor Prototype:

The electric Hero Splendor prototype spotted in Pune is generating considerable buzz. The motorcycle, draped in red temporary number plates and comprehensive camouflage, unmistakably signals a shift from traditional internal combustion engines to electric power. The bike’s distinct features, including the familiar “Splendor” seat cover and rear grab rail design, suggest it might be an older unit, possibly repurposed for testing purposes.

Possibility of ARAI Testing:

Considering the prototype’s appearance in Pune, it is possible that the Hero Splendor electric spied is undergoing range tests mandated by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and other regulatory bodies. This aligns with the likelihood that GoGoA1, being a pioneer in electric conversion kits, could be behind the development of this prototype.

Image Source: Rushlane

Exploring GoGoA1’s Product Lineup:

Examining GoGoA1’s existing product lineup reveals a comprehensive range of pre-engineered electric conversion kits tailored for numerous Hero MotoCorp and Honda two-wheeler models. While the company already offers conversion kits for Splendor motorcycles, there are indications of a potential new kit undergoing testing. This newer iteration might incorporate a slightly larger battery, hinting at improved range capabilities.

Enhancements in Electric Conversion Kit:

GoGoA1’s current electric conversion kit for Splendor boasts a rear hub motor with a peak power of 3.94 kW (5.28 bhp) and a continuous power output of 2 kW (2.7 bhp). The observed prototype suggests the possibility of a more powerful motor in the works, exceeding the capabilities of the current kit. Additionally, a newly type-approved kit featuring a distinctive white hub motor raises curiosity about potential enhancements, such as a stealthier design in the production-spec kit.

Pricing Considerations:

As of now, GoGoA1 offers its ARAI-approved and patented motorcycle conversion kit for Splendor at Rs. 29,000, excluding the donor motorcycle. However, with the introduction of a new and approved electric conversion kit catering to 45 different vehicles, including those from Hero MotoCorp and Honda, the question arises whether there will be an adjustment in pricing. Only time will unravel the answer to this query. 

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  1. I would like to know the price and warranty of this electric vehicle.
    Same time I also want to know about the after sale service and test ride.

  2. It was great seeing how much work you put into it. Even though the design is nice and the writing is stylish, you seem to be having trouble with it. I think you should really try sending the next article. I’ll definitely be back for more of the same if you protect this hike.

  3. Along with the installation cost of this kit will cost you approximately 35k – 40k, now this price is excluded from battery more the battery pack comes in different variants where it may vary from 25k – 50k. Now the total cost of kit along with battery comes to approximately 80k. If you are valuing your old vehicle at a price of atleast 5k-10k then your total expense will be nearly 90k.

    Now again a question arises at this price you will get a new electric vehicle with subsidy as well as a warranty of around 3-5 years on battery and motor kit.

    Here with this kit you will not get that much warranty. Now think twice before you are investing in this vehicle. Money is precious and use it wisely.

    Thankyou for reading


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