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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/ev-conversion-kit-for-motorcycles-indias-first-rto-approved-kit/GoGoA1, a Mumbai-based OEM & ODM Supplier, is now offering EV conversion kits approved by the Regional Transport Office ( RTO) for petrol motorcycles conversion.

India’s First RTO-approved EV Conversion Kit for Motorcycles 

GoGoA1, a Mumbai-based OEM & ODM Supplier, is now offering EV conversion kits approved by the Regional Transport Office ( RTO) for petrol motorcycles conversion.

Electric conversion kit for bike price?

This conversion kit is approved by RTO and costs ₹37,700.00 which includes all parts except the battery.

GoGoA1 17inch 2000W Brushless Electric Drumbrake Hub Motor for Electric motorcycle Conversion

Motor Technical Specifications

Rated Power2000W
Max Efficiency approx92%
RPM At No Load900 and 1100 RPM
Tyre Diameter632 mm.
Torque63 NM
Max Torque127 NM
Carrying Capacity100 To 300 Kg


The kit comes with a hub motor, DC to DC converter, regenerative controller, wrist throttle, drum brake, battery SoC, wiring harness, key switch, controller box, and swingarm. With a 72 V 40 Ah battery, the kit provides a range of 151 km with a speed that picks up to 80 km in five seconds.

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The motor power offers a peak power output of 4 kW along with 63 Nm of torque. The EV Conversion Kit will be delivered and installed at GoGoA1’s local installation center. Conversion has been approved for the Hero Splendor motorcycle, while approvals are on for other models. Currently, GoGoA1 has a local installation setup in 36 RTOs across the country, which is expected to expand soon.


  1. Please suggest how to convert my Bajaj Discover 100cc motorcycle into EV. Below are some clarification before I go to convert my bike in EV. Please help me on this:-
    1) what is the place where this kit will be fitted in my bike,
    2) what is the total costing for this conversion including all accessories and labour cost if any,
    3) whether this included in my registration and if this required additional cost,
    4) how much time required to convert my bike.

    Dharmendra Dubey

    • Officially, No one can do it legally.
      And if you find one, keep these details in mind:

      Decide how much power, speed and range you need from the conversion.
      a per my research, You can choose from 48v, 60v and 72v kit.
      for motor kit:
      48v is suitable for speed between 25-40km/s.
      60v is suitable for speed between 35-60km/s.
      72v is suitable for speed between 55-85km/s.
      Then decide watts of motor. 1000watts to 3000watts option available.
      battery should be same as motor voltages. Increase Ah to get more range. Configure BMS for initial peak power as per your requirement.
      Go for hub motor kit if you don’t want to set gear ration.

      You can find kits from online venders and fit it by yourself or with help of local workshop.

    • I want to know the name of Bhopal based dealer who can provide me RTO approved kit for my 2006 model splendour.

      Please suggest me as soon as possible.My mobile number is 9827260298

  2. I want to covert my Bajaj Discover 100CC bike to EV. How much the conversion cost. Is it available in Bangalore and how do I get green number plate and also insurance coverage. Hence I need the dealer should take care of all these. Everything has to be legal.

  3. Hi I am interested to make EV conversion KIT for honda activa 125cc. Currently is any approval received from RTO karnataka we can use the KIT


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