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In India Electric scooters surge in sales, offering an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient way. However electric scooters also require maintenance in some cases, and one of the significant concerns for owners is the replacement cost of battery. In this post, we’ll discuss why electric scooter batteries need replacement, when they need to be replaced, and what will be the cost of replacement.

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Why Do Electric Scooters Need Battery Replacement?

Battery Degradation

Just like the battery in your smartphone, the battery in an electric scooter degrades over time. A Long run of a scooter causes battery degradation, which lowers capacity and overall performance. This deterioration worsens over time, reducing the scooter’s efficiency and range.

Cycle Life

Electric scooter batteries have a limited number of charge cycles they can go through before their capacity significantly diminishes. A charge cycle depends on different types of batteries used in electric scooters.

Overcharging and Discharging Completely 

Mishandling the battery by overcharging it or letting it discharge completely can lead to premature battery failure. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for charging and discharging cycles.

When Electric Scooter Needs Battery Replacement

Determining when an electric scooter needs a battery replacement depends on various factors, including the battery’s quality, usage patterns, and More.

Age of Battery

Electric scooter batteries may need replacement after 3 to 5 years. This is a rough estimate, and also depends on the uses of scooters.


Another indicator for battery replacement is the scooter’s range. When you notice a significant drop in the scooter’s range on a full charge, it could be a sign that the battery is nearing the end of its life.

Charge Time

If the battery takes significantly longer to charge than it did when it was new, it could be a sign of degradation.

Less Power

When your scooter feels less powerful, is struggling to climb hills, or slowly accelerates, it might be due to a deteriorating battery.

Battery Health

Electric scooters often come with diagnostic systems that can indicate battery health. If you consistently receive bad battery health notifications on scooter. It’s a strong indicator that it needs replacement.

Battery Replacement Cost

India’s top electric two-wheelers are Ola Electric, TVS Motors, and  Ather Energy with sales of 1,50,86192,102, and 68,326 till August 11 2023 respectively. For Ola, it’s the S1 Pro model, for Ather 450x model, and for TVS, the iQube model is the highest selling. in this article, we will explore the battery replacement cost of India’s top three selling electric scooters Ola S1 pro, Tvs Iqube and Ather 450X. 

All these three models come with the following specifications:

FeaturesOla S1 PROTVS iQube Ather 450x
True Range 170Km/charge (Eco)100Km/charge (Eco)105Km/charge (Eco)
0-40 km/h 2.9 sec.4.2 sec.3.3 sec.
Top Speed116 km/h78 km/h90 km/h
Peak Power 8.5 kW4.4 kW6.4 kW
Battery Capacity4 kWh3.4 kWh3.7 kWh
Charging Time6 hrs 30 mins4 hrs 30 mins5 hrs 40 mins
Warranty3 years with unlimited km3 years/50,000 km whichever is earlier3 years/30,000 km whichever is earlier
Price with FAME II Subsidy1,39,999/-1,41,533/-1,46,664/-

Ola S1 Pro Battery Replacement Cost


Source:- Rushlane


Ola Electric is importing NMC-based Li-ion batteries from LG Chem (South Korea) for the S1 Pro scooter. Its 4 kWh battery pack is made of a total of 224 cells and the battery is in curved shape having an IP67 protection (dust & water) rating. The Ola Scooter’s battery is covered by a 3-year warranty. If there are any manufacturing defects in the battery during this period, it will be taken care of by Ola free of charge. This warranty can be further extended to two more years by using the optional warranty package. However, Ola is confident that its battery pack will not face challenges till 7 years. Ola is also expecting that due to improving battery technology, the cost of battery packs will reduce in the coming years.

Currently, the Ola S1 Pro battery replacement cost is around Rs. 87,298.

TVS iQube Battery Replacement Cost


TVS iQube battery pack is non-removable and its capacity is 3.4 kWh with an IP67 protection rating. The company provides 3 years/ 50,000 km whichever is an earlier warranty. The battery pack is made of NMC based Li-ion battery.  The replacement cost is not specified by the company. However, the media sources expect the battery cost to be around 40-50% of the scooter cost which is around Rs. 56,613- 70,766/-

 Ather 450X Battery Replacement Cost


Ather 450x battery pack comes with a capacity of 3.7 kWh and with an IP67 protection rating. Its battery pack is made of 21700 (21mm diameter & 70mm height) type of cylindrical NMC-based Li-ion cells and the total number of cells is 168 in the battery pack. The battery pack is manufactured by Ather itself. Ather provides 3 years/ 30,000 km whichever is an earlier warranty with a 70% state of health performance guarantee on its battery.  This warrant can be extended to 5 years/60,000 km whichever is an earlier warranty by subscribing to its Pro package.

Ather 450x battery replacement cost is Rs. 60,000.

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  1. But in Ampere magnus ex have a battery cost of Rs. 29000 only. Because of this much of battery cost ampere magnus ex is the best one for normal families…

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  3. Research is not 100% accurate. Pack replacement cost will be minimum in Tvs iQube as they have two parts and in case of replacements only 1 will be replaced not both which will take down cost to 50% of shown value.


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