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The Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle effortlessly trails a truck and bus weighing 15,000kg.

The video uploaded by the founder of Ultraviolette, Narayan Subramaniam showed the Ultraviolette F77 pulling a truck and a bus of 15,000kg all by itself.

To our existing knowledge about the torquey nature of most of EVs from the get-go, this video just displays the same prowess of the electric motors.

The variant of the bike in the video is an Ultraviolette F77 Recon variant, it displays a peak power output of 39hp along with 95 Nm of peak torque.

The bike effortlessly pulled the two commercial vehicles tied one behind the other. Everybody on the internet was amazed by the performance.

This video surfaced on the internet just after Tesla released a video showing its Cybertruck beat a Porsche 911 in a drag race. The twist was that the Cybertruck was tied by a trailer carrying another Porsche 911. “Hold my Beer!”, said Narayan posting another video that transitions into a sequence of Ultraviolette F77 pulling a truck and a bus of 15,000kg all by itself.

Adding to that Ultraviolette recently released its new variant F99, it is said to be the fastest electric bike in India. The bike displayed this at the EICMA 2023 in Milan last month bragging a 120-hp electric motor with a top speed of 265 kmph. Ultraviolette believes that the F99 will be launched globally by 2025. The people are just wondering if an F77 can pull 15,000 kg what can an F99 do.

The video has created a lot of waves in the EV industry making the phrase “EVs are the future” an idea a step closer to reality.


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