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Nowadays, the weather in Bangalore is as unpredictable as ever, with sudden shifts from scorching heat to heavy storms. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) recently issued a yellow alert for the city, warning of impending heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning. An unexpected incident occurred on the rain-soaked streets of Bangalore, an Ather Electric scooter, found itself amid a storm-related accident. Despite the ferocity of the weather, the scooter emerged relatively unharmed, with only minor damage to its side stand.

 Ather Scooter Survives Storm

A user took to Reddit to share the news of the Ather Electric scooter’s durability. Despite the adverse weather conditions, which wreaked havoc on the city’s streets, the Ather scooter stood strong, proving its resilience against nature’s fury. The incident serves as a testament to the robust construction and engineering of Ather scooters, leaving the community in awe of their strength. This incident underscores the remarkable durability and strength of Ather scooters, standing as a testament to their robust engineering and innovative design.

Someones ather ,and go to know it only had a side stand damage , rest all working fine ..
byu/one_above_allll inindianbikes

The Importance of Durability in Electric Scooters

Amidst unlikely weather conditions, the resilience of electric scooters like Ather’s becomes paramount. Their ability to endure and emerge unscathed from challenges, such as severe storms, underscores the necessity for durability in all-electric vehicles. This reliability not only ensures rider safety but also guarantees continued performance, even in the face of unexpected obstacles on the road. Ather’s capacity to withstand adverse weather conditions serves as a testament to the significance of durability in electric scooters. By prioritizing sturdiness alongside performance and technology, manufacturers can ensure that riders feel secure and protected while navigating diverse urban environments. Sudden changes in the weather conditions cannot be controlled by anyone, but making an electric scooter durable, strong, and which can withstand harsh environments is something that the manufacturers can surely take care of.    


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