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Ather Energy introduced its latest innovation at its Community Day today, the Ather Halo range of smart helmets, offering two variants: the premium full-faced model ‘Halo’ and the more affordable half-face model ‘Halo Bit’. The development process focused on meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Design and Comfort Features

The Ather Halo helmet boasts soft and snug interior padding, meticulously designed to provide comfort, even for wearers of spectacles, without causing discomfort to the ears. The ergonomic shell, featuring Ather’s signature styling and integrated vents, enhances airflow while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design. Additionally, the visor ensures a seamless experience with minimal noise during repositioning.

Smart Technology Integration

Equipped with Harman Kardon speakers and a sound-damping feature, the Ather Halo helmet provides immersive audio while maintaining awareness of the surroundings. Sensors detect the user’s head, automatically activating the helmet, which seamlessly connects with the mobile phones. The Halo Hlemot supports wireless charging having a capacity of 18 kW.  The battery pack offers an impressive week-long lifespan, with the wireless charger conveniently mountable in the Rizta electric scooter’s underseat storage. The helmet meets stringent safety standards, boasting ISI and DOT ratings, ensuring rider protection on every journey.


The second variant of the Helmet is named Halo Bit. This helmet features another Chit-Chat feature which allows two helmets to pair seamlessly and chat using the built-in mic and speaker. So, the outside noise would not create a disturbance for the riders on the scooter, and the conversation gets easier due to this feature. 

Some more enhanced features include music-sharing capabilities, and riders can enjoy synchronized audio during shared rides, with just one connection catering to two riders. Additionally, the helmet provides crisp audio quality, complemented by environmental noise filtration, ensuring that riders stay in sync with their music while remaining aware of their surroundings, making every journey more enjoyable and immersive.

Pricing and Special Offers

The Ather Halo Bit helmet is priced at Rs 4,999, offering an accessible option for riders seeking advanced features at an affordable price point. The premium Ather Halo helmet is priced at Rs 14,999, with an introductory offer reducing the price to Rs 12,999.


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