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Today, Ather launched Atherstack 6, its upgraded software, designed to deliver a more advanced and exciting user experience. With significant improvements and new features, Atherstack 6 aims to elevate the riding experience for Ather users, setting new standards for electric scooter technology.

Here are some new key features of Atherstack 6:

Coasting Regen Compatibility

The Atherstack 6 upgrade introduces coasting regen capability, which is backward compatible up to Gen 3 models. This feature ensures 99% dashboard display stability, an 80% improvement in GPS latching, and a 10x enhancement in mobile app stability, offering users a smoother and more reliable riding experience.

New Mobile App – Widget X

Ather also unveils Widget X, its latest mobile app, featuring a bold and vibrant interface. The app offers heightened content awareness, providing users with comprehensive insights into their riding experience. Key highlights include live notifications for charging status, ride stories that focus on memorable experiences rather than statics, and badges for achievements, along with shareable stories for social media platforms, enhancing user engagement and connectivity within the Ather community.

The Atherstack 6 software will go beta next month and will be available to all users soon. 


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