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TVS iQube has expanded its portfolio with the launch of its new electric scooter called ST17 which offers a 5.1kWh battery pack starting at INR 1.85 Lakh. Not only this, the company has launched a new base variant called iQube 09 for 94,999/- The most exciting part about this launch is that the ST17 offers the largest battery pack in India.

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Portfolio of TVS iQube expanded: ST 17 is top model and ST 09 new base model 

Now TVS’s electric portfolio has been expanded covering 5 variants-

  1. TVS iQube ST 09– This is the new base variant launched by the company offering a battery pack of 2.2 kWh
  2. TVS iQube S– This scooter comes with a 3.4kWh battery pack. This scooter used the top model but has now been replaced with the ST 12.
  3. TVS iQube ST 17– The new model comes with the highest battery pack of 5.1kWh. It offers a top speed of 82km/hr making it one of the fastest of all the scooters, priced at 1.85 lakh.
  4. TVS iQube ST 12– This scooter comes with a 3.4kWh battery pack. The iQube ST 12 is priced at 1.55 lakh.
  5. TVS iQube 12– This scooter comes with a 3.4kWh battery pack

TVS iQUBE ST 09 Specifications Range, Top Speed, Charging 

Equipped with a 2.2 kWh battery, the iQube 09 offers a practical real-world range of 75 km, ideal for zippy city commutes. Its 75 km/h top speed ensures you can easily navigate urban environments. Additionally, the 2-hour charging time (0-80%) makes recharging convenient for everyday use. A 5-inch TFT display keeps you informed and entertained.

TVS iQUBE ST 17 Specifications Range, Top Speed, Charging 

Stepping up in power, the iQube 17 boasts a larger 5.1 kWh battery offering a range of 150km. Inheriting the mantle of the previous base model. The charging time of the scooter is 4 hr 18 minutes from 0-80%. It is perfect for riders seeking to explore further on a single charge. It also comes with a 7-inch TFT display. It also comes with digital (Alexa) voice assistance, digital document storage, and TPMS.

Key Takeaways 

For riders prioritizing long-distance travel and brisk acceleration, the iQube ST 17 emerges as the ideal choice. It boasts an impressive real-world range of 150 kilometers on a single charge. The iQube ST 09 caters to this segment with a starting price of INR 94,999, making it an attractive option for price-sensitive customers.

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