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Electric bicycle manufacturers make a significant contribution to sustainable development in India, which is a component of efficient and environmentally friendly transportation.

Electric bicycles typically run on batteries and utilize a variety of types. Different electric bicycles offer different engine capacities delivering a variety of speeds, depending on the type of battery. Once the battery has drained, one can charge it or swap the charged battery.

The smart e-bicycle monitoring systems (SEMS) compatibility with mobile applications to track fitness and provide information in real-time on smartphones is the focus of the e-bicycle business. Additionally, leading companies are releasing more powerful rechargeable batteries with higher energy densities and lower costs to power e-bicycles, which is boosting the market’s expansion.

Top Electric Bicycle Manufacturers In India

Hero Electric


A branch of Hero Cycles Limited, Hero Lectro E-cycles is among the greatest electric cycle brands in India since their e-cycles are technologically advanced, well-engineered, and have the broadest supply chain (both offline and online) in the country. The company offers a distinctive selection of e-cycles as well as cargo e-bikes in pedelec, throttle, cruise, and pedal modes. They always work to create newer, better features to offer a hassle-free e-biking experience. They are also launching models that are battery-powered, quick, and environmentally friendly to revolutionize short-distance commuting in India.

This company has completely revolutionized the personal transportation sector by providing affordable commuter and cargo electric bikes with cutting-edge technologies and ergonomic designs.

They have many special features on their bikes like pedal-free travel upto 25 kmph, a BLDC motor, four riding modes, an RFID key, Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlamps, suspension, engineered ergonomic designs, multi-speed gears, and water-repellent batteries, LCD displays showing information about rider speed, distance, battery life, etc.

Some of the most popular Hero e-bicycles are Hero Lectro F1, H3, F3i, F6i, C4+, etc.



EMotorad has produced high-quality electric bicycles for the EV industry for many years. Its range of electric bikes is made to satisfy consumers’ needs and offer them a distinctive riding experience. Their e-bicycles are reasonably priced and made for both daily commuting as well as long trips. They also have advanced components and technology that enable the bicycle to produce less noise and enjoy the ride silently.

Another benefit that makes EMotorad’s electric cycles even more appealing is their low running costs. The Pedal Assist feature on EMotorad electric cycles allows riders to have more control over their bike and have a customized riding experience.

The EMotorad X Series, EMX Series, Doodle, Nighthawk, etc are a few of EMotorad’s famous products.



Motovolt electric cycles offer a distinctive riding experience and enable riders to cover greater distances in less time. They offer a variety of models customized to the customers’ needs.

The electric bikes made by Motovolt have a strong motor that can deliver a top speed of 25 kmph in addition to cutting-edge parts like lithium-ion batteries and regenerative brakes that save operating expenses. Their electric cycles also have a special pedal assist system that enables users to quickly change the level of difficulty of their ride.

Motovolt HUM, Urban E-Bike, Kivo Series, ICE, etc are the range of e-bicycles offered by the company. 

Nexzu Mobility


Nexzu Mobility is one of the emerging electric bicycle producers in India that offers a variety of models that are tailored to the needs of its clients. The twin battery system, cold rolled steel frame, and removable battery are just a few of the innovative and unique features available on their electric cycles.

The e-bicycle can travel up to 100 kms between charges thanks to its dual battery technology. Nexzu e-bicycles provide a front suspension for comfort when riding, dual disc brakes for powerful stopping power, and a number of other advantages. Additionally, they have an innovative pedal assist technology that helps the riders to choose the level of difficulty of their ride. 

They provide two different kinds of electric bikes, commuting and cargo ebikes, both of which have advanced technology, sturdy frames, and unique designs. Making the e-bicycle an ideal choice for convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly transportation.

Nezxu Roadlark, Bazinga, and Rompus Plus are a few of the e-bicycles provided by the company.

Geekay Bikes

Geekay Bikes is one of the most well-known electric bicycle manufacturers in India. It provides a range of models, including trikes, folding bikes, as well as standard bikes. Additionally, it sells accessories like lights and helmets. The bikes from Geekay offer a number of unique characteristics that set them apart from other electric bicycles on the market. For instance, the bikes from Geekay include integrated LED lights that let you ride at night or in dimly lit areas without the need for additional lighting. A number of safety features, such as anti-theft locks, are also included with Geekay bikes.

A few of fast selling Geekay e-bicycle series are Hashtag Electric, Eco Bike Max, Eco Bike Pro, Eco Bike Lit, etc 



Indian electric bicycle manufacturer TruBike has established a reputation for itself in the domestic market. It has revolutionized the e-bicycle industry with its cutting-edge innovations. The company offers a variety of products, including e-bikes, e-mobility vehicles, and premium alloy kids cycles. Their products are evidence of their commitment to excellence. Most Indian electric bicycle manufacturers don’t offer their products internationally. However, TruBike offers its products to clients all over the world, making premium e-cycles accessible to everyone.

Tru 2.0 and Tru 2.0 Pro are the most popular among other Tru e-bikes. 


E-trio is one of the most influential e-bicycle brands in India. With its top-notch goods, it has been able to fascinate customers. Even though they were one of the latter electric bicycle manufacturers to enter India, their flagship model has won over many customers. The Indian market for electric bikes has been completely revolutionized by the E-Trio bicycle. Its battery offers an amazing range on a single charge, while its motor provides efficient power.

E-trio Ashva model is the most popular electric bicycle by the company.

NIBE Motors


Nibe Motors Limited produces advanced environmentally friendly e-bicycles. Its diverse branch provides the greatest and most stylish e-bicycles and electricals in its class and is engaged in their design, development, manufacture, and trade. The company is dedicated to developing green mobility solutions for those who lead an active and sustainable lifestyle. It is well known for its exceptional designs and premium goods. With its flagship models, NIBE Motors is one of the Indian manufacturers that has seriously affected the electric bicycle industry. 

Nibe Motors is currently offering the S1 series electric bicycle in the market.

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