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Geekay Bikes unveils 3 new models of Electric Bicycles at Ride Asia 2023

Geekay Bikes Pvt Ltd, a homegrown bicycle brand that boasts of multiple ranges of EV, gear, and non-gear bicycles is unveiling its new bicycle ranges in both EV and non-EV range at Ride Asia, an international expo taking place in Pragati Maidan. The expo is showcasing a range of electric bicycles, e-rickshaws, and e-scooters from April 14th to 16th at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Ecobike ZING, Ecobike UNI, Ecobike ALPHA Electric Bicycles

Geekay Bikes thrives on constant innovation regarding its products. Company launched 3 E-bicycle models at the expo namely-Ecobike ZING, Ecobike UNI, and Ecobike ALPHA. The three variants are best-in-class electric bicycles in the segment at the Delhi expo at very competitive and consumer-friendly prices. The mega event is expected to attract visitors from a wide spectrum of manufacturing and ancillary industries including key decision and policymakers as well as industry captains who are keen to source the latest technologies and manufacturing solutions for their products.

Geekay Bikes will be showcasing their complete range of the latest and most in-demand bicycles, electric bicycles, and electric bicycle conversion kits specially designed for the Indian audience and riding conditions, along with their innovations and new product launches in electric bicycle and electric bicycle conversion kit segments.

Words by Management 

Speaking at the event, Mr. Rajesh Bhatia, MD- Geekay Bikes Pvt Ltd said, “The expo is a wonderful opportunity for homegrown and innovative brands like ours to showcase the best-in-class EV products, our technology, and R&D which is at par with the global standards. It offers us consumer insight and preferences, the latest industry trends, builds brand awareness, and forges strategic business relations. We are optimistic our products will gain the industry confidence and our competitive pricing for the products will gain the market edge”.

At the event, Mr. Rajesh Bhatia- MD & Mr. Rajat Bhatia will lead the Geekay Bikes Platform. Actor Tinu Anand will be unveiling Ecobike ZING and Ecobike ALPHA models at the expo.

Design and Performance of Bicycles 

All the 3 electric bicycle models come with high-end features integrated into each bicycle and superior quality make and finish of the product. The batteries are wholly designed and manufactured in-house by the company. These bicycles can be used for daily commutes easily and can withstand Indian weather conditions. These bicycles are durable, sturdy, all-weather, and affordable for the Indian consumer.

About Geekay Bicycles Pvt Ltd

Geekay presents the most reliable bicycle products to empower riders with quality, variety, and versatility. The company provides high-quality bicycle parts since 1961. The company is ISO: 9001:2008 certified. The company apart from avant-garde yet traditional cycles company e-cycles, electric conversion kits, batteries, and accessories for bicycles, cycle rickshaws, and e-rickshaws.

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