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Emotorad is a Pune-based electric bicycle company founded in 2020 by four people from different experiences in the automotive industry. They cater to the needs of all consumer requirements and thus offer different bikes in four segments. Their bikes suit the diverse tastes and passions of every rider across the nation. Whether you’re a city dweller weaving through bustling streets or a thrill-seeker yearning for exhilarating adventures, their extensive collection of models has you covered. 

The Co-founder and the CMO believed India needs to work closely with the manufacturing sector to boost their sales and make a global presence, especially on the SAARC side. Along with that, they want to strengthen the supply chain so that the global dependence of the world is shifted from China toward India. 

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Make a global product, according to the Co-founder and CMO (Mr. Aditya Oza), the India electric bicycle segment amount to $4 billion. He also mentioned that by 2030, 80% bicycle segment in India will be taken over by electric bicycles. According to Business Wire, 231,338 units of electric bicycles were sold in India.

What makes your Electric Bicycle different from other E bicycles?

Our electric bicycle comes in different modes, along with assisted pedaling that gives the riders a feel of both cycle and scooter where they can enjoy throttle power. It also makes it easy to achieve 10-12kms easily without getting tired. EMotorad bikes provide a range of 35km and if they are peddling, they can get an added range of 50-70km (depending on the model). The best part is electric bicycle offer 0.7 paise efficiency per km which is cheaper than public transport.

Using cruiser mode, you can choose it and relax. If you walk alongside your cycle, it automatically walks with you. If your bicycle’s juice is over, you can still make it to the destination by peddling. 

The bicycle is 100% made in India with minimal dependency on raw material products by Indian manufacturers. They are the first in India to bring a Dual suspension model in their products, which is required heavily given the condition of roads in India. 

Why should I buy EMotorad products?

  • Health benefits: If you are traveling to the office from home, you can set a target that you have to burn 200 calories, the bike will automatically make sure that you burn that many calories. 
  • Good products for Kids, who wants travel independence at the age of 15-17 years, since the electric bicycle offers a top speed of 25km/hr and requires no license or registration. 

Why did you choose to make E-bicycles instead of other products?

According to the founder, “The first major factor in choosing e-bicycles was we didn’t want our product to be dependent on the charging infrastructure in India because developing it would require a lot of time.

Second, the service sector for EV industries wasn’t fully developed and we wanted to remove that in their bikes via plug-and-play technology. We wanted a product that was suitable for the rest of the world and hence we choose it. The geographical demography didn’t stop them from selling over 52k in foreign markets. 

EMotorad Electric Bicycle Product Portfolio

Product Name Price
Doodle v249,999
EMX Aqua58,999
Lil E29,999
Desert Eagle475,000


Q. In how many countries is EMotorad exporting?

Ans. EMotorad is exporting to close to 18 countries majorly Japan, Australia, UAE, etc. 

Q. Who is your target audience?

Ans. Cycling has become a lifestyle habit and it has different use cases for different Tier cities. However, EMotorad is looking to offer a wide range of products ranging from kids to elders. They aren’t just limited to health freaks. This is evident from their Price Range: 24,999(X-Factor)-6,00,000(Elite). 

Q. If I give EMotorad bikes to my child, will I know where they are going via it? 

Ans. Yes, you can track the whereabouts of your kids using a recent technology built by EMotorad. If any crash happens, you will get a notification. To enhance the advanced biking experience. 

Q. How can I recharge my electric bicycle’s battery?

Ans. You can remove the easily liftable battery and plug it anywhere in your office along with a small charger that comes in handy. It takes 3 hours to charge 80% battery. 

Q. Can I get EMI options to purchase EMotorad’s electric bicycle?

Ans. Yes, you get a plethora of options to purchase your E-Bikes on EMI. The key stakeholders are Zest Money, Baja FinServe, HDFC Bank, Axlo, Liqui Loans, and others. 

Q. From where can I buy Emotorad bicycles?

Ans. You can buy them from Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Retail, and 170 dealership stores of EMotorad across India that are also responsible for selling bicycles or directly from the website of EMotorad. For children, you can buy their bicycles from Hamleys. 

Q. How can I get after-sales service for my EMotorad bicycles?

Ans. TVS Motors does after-sales service of EM Bicycles. They can resolve the problem within 72 hours.

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