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Ola Electric made some major announcements today during a livestream featuring the hashtags #DecemberToRemember and #ENDICEAGE. The company shared significant updates, including substantial discounts on the S1X+ Electric Scooter, teased the launch of new bikes, and revealed plans for a cutting-edge lithium-ion giga factory. These revelations mark an important moment for Ola Electric, showcasing their commitment to innovation and the future of electric mobility.

Here are some of the major announcements made by the founder Bhavish Aggarwal during the livestream:

OLA S1 X+ is now available at Rs 89, 999, a flat 20,000 discount 

For   December, Ola Electric is rolling out a special deal for the Ola S1 X+ Electric Scooter, making it available at an enticing ex-showroom price of 89,999. This limited-time offer provides an excellent opportunity for those considering an electric vehicle, allowing them to enjoy the innovative features of the Ola S1X+ at a competitive price point. S1X+ was launched on 15th August, with deliveries already in action, and some expected to start next week. 

The company’s success in the sales sector is undisputed, securing a commanding 35% market share in November, driven by a stellar month-over-month growth of 30% and an impressive year-over-year surge of 82%. The company delivered around 30k vehicles in November, thereby maintaining its top spot. 


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