Launches New Ola S1X with three variants, Introductory price Rs. 79,999.

Ola Electric is all geared up to introduce the new Ola S1X range amid other new models at their “End Ice Age, Part 1”.

The company had offered glimpses of the S1X model which is poised to be the most budget-friendly EV in their portfolio.

Bhavish Aggarwal

It will be quite stupid to buy ICE two-wheelers anymore after today because buying EVs is not only good for the environment, but it’s good for your wallet also.


Ola S1X+ Ola S1X 2 kWh Ola S1X 3 kWh


Speed: 90Km/h Range: 151km Charging: 7.4 hrs Power: 6 kW


It has a boot space of 34 liters and is equipped with a better battery, improved thermal performance, and additional safety features.


Ola S1X (2kWh):   ₹ 89,999 Ola S1X (3kWh):   ₹ 99,000 Ola S1X+ (3kWh):   ₹ 1,09,000