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Rhino 5536 Electric Truck 

IPLTech Electric is a pure Electric Vehicle Manufacturer based in India. IPLT Electric aspired to drive cargo with green and technology-driven innovative mobility. It is their vision to be the leading Electric Truck Provider in the commercial transportation Industry.

The company was started by three Engineers Sid Das, Subodh Yadav, and Chetan Singhal in 2018. It is specialized in developing electric heavy-duty commercial goods carriers having wide applications in mines, ports, infrastructure development, construction, and inter-warehouse freight transport.

Infraprime Logistics Technologies (IPLT) entered the haul logistics segment in 2019 with the showcasing of its first electric commercial vehicle, the Rhino 5536.

The IPLT Rhino 5536 is a 60-tonne electric truck making it the world’s heaviest pure electric truck. It is entirely developed, designed, and manufactured in India. It is a combination of excellent performance, high gradability, and high regeneration, demonstrating the potential of electric trucks in the commercial market.

Battery and Motor

The IPLT Rhino 5536 is powered by a 258.08 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery and an electric motor with a peak power output of around 360 bhp and great torque as well.

Fast Charging

The Rhino 5536 can be charged in 1.5 hours using a 160 kW fast charger. These fast chargers are made keeping in mind the universal standards and can be used in charging other electric trucks as well.

Range and Top Speed

It has a range of 185 km but it also depends on the load it is carrying. The top speed of the electric truck is 90 km per hour.


The Rhino 5536 is built in order to be used in short-range hauls in construction, mining, and other related industries.


It has amazing acceleration that is almost twice faster than the diesel model. It has a very efficient battery management system, regenerative braking system, and automatic transmission. state of art BMS, modular battery design, etc.

It is equipped with features like Zero emissions, Higher Gradeability, Geo-Fencing, Real-time vehicle tracking, Low ownership cost, etc.

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