Top Electric Truck Manufacturers in India

Following are the list of top electric trucks manufacturers in India 

  • Tata Motors 
  • Infraprime 
  • Daimler 
  • E-trio 

Tata Motors 

Tata Motors Limited is a multinational automobile manufacturer based in India. The company, formerly known as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO), was formed in 1945 as a locomotive maker. In 1954, the company collaborated with Daimler-Benz AG to produce its first commercial car, which was produced until 1969.  

Tata Motors first entered the passenger vehicle market in 1988 with the Tata automobile, followed by the Tata Sierra in 1991, making it the first Indian company to recognize the possibilities of building a competitive indigenous automobile.

Tata Motors has manufacturing facilities in India, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Spain, and South Africa. It plans to determine plants in Turkey, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe.                                                          

Tata Ultra T.7

The Tata Ultra T.7, India’s first commercial electric truck, was recently unveiled by the Indian automaker. Because the vendor reaction is apparently being researched first, the 2+1 seater intermediate truck isn’t yet ready for a market debut. A 62.5 kWh battery and a 245 kW motor will power the Ultra T.7.

The top speed is expected to be over 80 kilometers per hour, and the manufacturer has promised a range of more than 100 kilometers.

 Infraprime Logistics Technologies Pvt Ltd 

Electric truck manufacturers were formed to reduce the cost of infrastructure development by using an electric fleet. Infrastructure development is the focus of the company’s services.

As a result, the housing industry is served by combining the benefits of electric trucks with data-driven vehicle management to aid small fleet operators with cutting-edge technology and organization.

IPLT Electric Truck

According to IPLT, the country’s first all-electric truck was totally planned, produced, and manufactured in India. The truck, according to Siddharth Das, is controlled by four key computer systems: control, transmission, battery management, and battery charging system.

This is India’s first electric vehicle with automatic transmission for two-speed operation. In 90 minutes, PLT’s 160 kWh charger can charge a truck’s battery pack from zero to 100 percent.

The IPLT electric vehicle, which debuted on August 1, is currently not for sale commercially and can only be used in transportation fleets.


The German auto giant, which produces medium and heavy trucks and buses under the BharatBenz and Fuso brands, is planning a ‘Future Mobility’ event next year under which the company would announce its intentions for the electric truck.

Daimler AG owns the Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle brand, as well as Daimler’s commercial vehicle sector, which utilizes the three-pointed star mark on its trucks.

Because it continues to support the home market, the heavy-duty truck and bus manufacturer will be able to launch India’s first electric truck.

The light-duty Fuso eCanter is Daimler Trucks’ first all-electric truck for series manufacturing, and the second-generation version will be released next year.

The eCanter has a 100-kilometer range and can carry a payload of up to 3,200 kg.

E-trio: Light commercial Electric Truck Manufacturers in India

Etrio was established in 2017 and now offers a wide selection of electric vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. Today, its offering includes new electric three-wheelers, new electric two-wheelers, and a converted e-LCV with payloads ranging from 75 kg to 750 kg.

According to the firm, retrofitting more than 20 lakh Tata Ace LCVs can give them a new lease on life with a 5-year life extension. The procedure begins with a 150-point checklist to pick a car, followed by the removal of internal combustion engine components.

The mechanical and electrical retrofitting techniques follow. Before being made available to clients, the vehicle is put through its paces.

Retrofitting a diesel-powered LCV into a green vehicle restores the earning potential of the driver owner by saving about 60% of operational costs.

According to Deepak MV, Co-founder, and CEO of Etrio, this will not only transform the e-commerce logistics industry but will also have a deeper impact on the EV ecosystem. Etrio has already received interest for over 1200 eLCVs.

The Etrio eLCV will be powered by a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery and run on a 96 V system, with a certified range of 120 kilometers. The vehicle, which has a rated motor power of 15 kW, has a torque of 120 Nm and can conquer a 7-degree grade.

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