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Avon E-Kart 207 Electric Rickshaw

Avon E-kart 207 is a cargo electric rickshaw launched by “E-world of Avon”. E-world of Avon primarily launched this electric rickshaw to the market to replace common gas-powered cargo rickshaws.

Every product-based enterprise includes transportation in some capacity, in most of the world, goods are still mostly transported by gas-powered vehicles, which are typically harmful to the environment. Therefore, it becomes important to reduce the use of gasoline-powered vehicles.

In this article, we will review E-kart 207 electric rickshaw by E-world of Avon and tell you whether you should invest in it or not.

Looks and Designs

When we talk about the visual appeal of the E-kart 207, there are basically two components that make up this electric rickshaw; the driver’s cabin and the loading section at the back which comprises the major section of the electric rickshaw.

  • The driver’s cabin – the driver’s cabin boasts several features for the convenience of the driver while transporting a heavy amount of cargo. Features like filament type bulb, a stepney, good quality comfortable seat, a backrest, and an electromechanical meter display are incredibly useful.

When driving at night or over long distances, features like electromechanical meter displays and filament-type bulbs can be very useful.

  • The Loader – if we look at the loader, it has a typical non-ev open mini truck type look and The type of lock used in this loader is a handle lock. Additionally, the body of this loader and the entire electric rickshaw are made of top-notch stainless steel.

In our opinion, you should not worry much about the color variations of E-kart 207 because the purpose of this electric rickshaw is to transport non-living goods, not to dazzle passengers. Therefore, color doesn’t seem to be a crucial factor.


The loading capacity of the E-kart 207 electric rickshaw is 380 Kg Which is considered very good when it comes to low-speed electric rickshaws.

Additionally, the 380 kg loading capacity is because you also have to maintain stability in low-speed scooters while transporting cargo.


The price of E-kart 207 is approximately 1.2 lakhs, but you should contact the authorized dealers of “E-world of Avon” in order to get the accurate prices of this electric rickshaw.


Top speed24 km/h
Battery48V 110Ah
Motor power1000 W
SuspensionsTelescopic on front
ChargerSMPS 15-amp DC

The type of substance used in the E-kart 207 electric rickshaw battery is lead acid and the charger that comes with it takes approx 8-9 hours to fully charge the battery. Besides that, this electric rickshaw has telescopic suspension on the front which helps to prevent the scattering of cargo on Indian bumpy roads.

Furthermore, the 1000 W motor that is used in this e-rickshaw is highly powerful. In addition to that, there is a  48 amp controller attached to the motor which helps to regulate the speed of the motor.


E-kart 207 e-rickshaw is equipped with several safety elements and features. Those features include:

  1. Stepney
  2. Tool kit
  3. Jack
  4. First aid box
  5. Wheel cap

These features assist drivers during emergency situations when traveling in unknown locations.

About Avon 

“E-world of Avon” is an initiative launched by Avon bicycles limited to promote the usage of electric vehicles and foster a healthy environment. Avon bicycles limited was established in 1951. However, they launched the “E-world of Avon” to solely focus on the electric vehicles segment.


As we have previously stated, the number of electric vehicles in the transportation sector must rise as it will be a much more affordable and sustainable alternative in the market. If you are working in this sector, you can also lower your daily transport expenses by purchasing this. This will be a worthwhile investment for you.

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