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Komaki Fully Loaded Super Deluxe Electric Rickshaw

Komaki fully loaded Super Deluxe is a passenger e-rickshaw launched by Komaki KLB Pvt ltd. In a country like India, where the majority of roads are sharp, crowded, and dangerous, this e-rickshaw was specially designed to travel on any sort of road and weather condition. A modern e-rickshaw must be compatible with different roads and weather conditions with longevity.

One should not confuse Komaki fully loaded super deluxe e-rickshaw with a cargo e-rickshaw because this e-rickshaw is purposely built for transporting passengers.

Additionally, since e-rickshaws are a usual mode of public transportation, market competition is crucial for consumers because it always results in lower prices for consumers.

Looks and Designs 

The iron roof of the Komaki fully loaded super deluxe e-rickshaw has an integrated roof carrier to accommodate additional luggage while traveling. 


Additionally, this electric rickshaw has a sleek, curved windshield that gives the driver a clear vision. The glass used in the windshield is said to be beneficial to E-rickshaw safety. 

The Komaki fully loaded e-rickshaw has one driver seat and the ability to transport and carry 5 passengers at once. Additionally, there is a high-quality fan attached to the roof for the passengers as well as a cabin light for driving at night.

Overall, the look and appearance of the Komaki fully loaded super deluxe e-rickshaw are designed in such a way that consumers don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics and comfort of the e-rickshaw.

Color Options 


Komaki fully loaded comes in 2 color options. Those 2 color options are:

  1. Cobalt Blue
  2. Black


The price of the Komaki fully loaded super deluxe e-rickshaw is around 1.6 lakhs. However, you should contact the official dealers of Komaki to get the accurate price of this e-rickshaw.


Range  80 km/charge
Charger  SMPS manual
Warranty  1 year
Motor power 850 W


The BIS-type alloy wheels on the fully loaded super deluxe e-rickshaw ensure stability at the utmost level. Additionally, this e-rickshaw has a powerful 850 W motor that provides it the ideal top speed for an e-rickshaw.


Additionally, this e-rickshaw has superior suspensions with a 44 mm front shocker and high-quality rear shocker that ensure passengers’ comfort while driving on rough roads.


Komaki fully loaded super deluxe e-rickshaw has several exceptional features like control locking, anti-theft alarm, and much more. Besides that, it comes with multiple color graphics and Stepneys with a Stepneys cover attached to it.


  • The anti-theft alarm function works in conjunction with the sensors and an alarm that goes on when there is an impact or movement inside the parked vehicle.


If you are considering one, we suggest you go with the fully-loaded super deluxe e-rickshaw after looking at the features it offers and the pricing. 

As we’ve previously already mentioned, e-rickshaw are somehow related to almost every individual in the working-class audience, thus market competition is crucial for reasonable pricing. Therefore, you should definitely go for it.

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