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Zero Motorcycles to Enter India

California-based Zero Motorcycles is all set to enter India, in partnership with Hero Motocorp. It is one of the top electric 2-wheeler manufacturers in America which is now looking to establish itself in the Indian market. Hero has confirmed its decision to co-develop electric two-wheelers with Zero, after making a whopping $60 million equity investment in the company last year.

Hero Motocop and Its Partnerships

Also, Hero Motocop currently has a 35 % stake in Ather Energy. And now with this, Hero has bagged yet another EV vehicle partnership. Hero-Zero will first aim for the premium segment and then eventually move into the more affordable segment so as to position itself among the premium brands.

Hero had earlier launched in partnership with the world’s smallest Harley-Davidson motorcycle, stepping up the brand’s premium play. Now, with the introduction of Zero’s range, Hero intends to give its brand a premium identity.

Launching and Manufacturing Plans 

According to Hero’s annual report, the launch will take place in the near future. It has announced it will launch and manufacture Zero’s two-wheeler portfolio in India but as of now, no details have been revealed. Since Zero Motorcycles has a range of electric motorcycles suited for street riding, sports, adventure, and off-roading, selecting the Indian portfolio is going to be a task.

Price Range of the Products 

The main concern is keeping the price point in check with the Indian market. Its products are priced in the range of $13,000 to $24,000. Also, importing a vehicle in India attracts a 100% duty, making it very expensive. Here, Hero can help out with the local assembling and manufacturing of motorcycles.

Zero-Hero Partnership 

The Zero-Hero partnership combines the expertise of Zero in developing power trains and electric motorcycles, with the scale of manufacturing and marketing of Hero MotoCorp to reach the Indian and other International markets. It will help both companies to grow.

While Hero gets a great product in partnership, Zero gets the vast last-mile connectivity of Hero dealerships. This will also help Hero in accelerating the transition to electric mobility in India and across global markets.

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