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Solar panels are growing in popularity. Not everyone knows that a car can be solar-powered or can be a car with rooftop solar panels. This is important because it opens up roads for people to use electricity for their cars and charge their vehicles.

Several companies have created technology that works with solar-powered vehicles. These vehicles will be much cheaper to use and better for the environment than fuel-powered cars.

Solar cars are the future. From solar-powered tricycles, race cars, and motorcycles to boats, buses, and submarines, the 21st century is one of the incredible discoveries and endless possibilities.

The question is, how does the car charge from the solar panel? Solar cars use solar panels on the roof to generate energy. The sun sends radiation through the car, which causes a chemical reaction inside the battery, creating energy that can be used immediately by the car’s electrical components.

So, here are the top 5 solar-powered electric cars in the world:

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Top 5 Solar Powered Electric Cars: EV With Solar Panel

Hyundai Ioniq 5


The Ioniq 5 is an all-electric vehicle with a solar-powered range extender and an aerodynamic, sporty design. It has zero emissions and lots of cool technology. The Iconiq 5 is a multi-purpose vehicle that offers a comfortable ride for families.

It comes in standard RWD (Rear Wheel Drive), as well as AWD (All Wheel Drive). Its 200km of range with a 58kWh battery, or 500km when equipped with the 72.6kWh long-range battery, enables you to drive long distances while reducing your carbon footprint. 

The Ionic 5 has a dashing style with a sleek exterior and cabin space infused with natural light from its curved panoramic sunroof. When you’re feeling anxious about range anxiety, the smart Ionic 5 can always turn to the sun for even more miles of worry-free driving. Its spacious seating arrangement, roomy rear cargo area, and ample ground clearance make it the perfect family car. 

Humble One


This Car is a great solution for those who want to get out and experience the great outdoors, but the challenge is finding reliable ways to charge one’s devices while on the go. The Humble One answers this problem by combining an electric vehicle with solar technology, creating a vehicle that can simultaneously charge itself while on the move and provide charging power for all your devices—it’s truly a win-win situation.

It has a seating capacity of five people. The Solar Powered Humble One will be built in a factory in China, as the Chinese are known for their magnificent work in solar technology.

Hopefully, this will open the door for more solar-powered cars! Humble One will run at least 10 to 60 miles (16-96 km) in pure sunlight while carrying up to four to five adults and/or children, as well as a moderate amount of luggage.

Lightyear One


The Lightyear One might seem like a car of the future but it could be the first electric car that runs on solar power. Lightyear One is on track to revolutionize the way we travel and think about transportation. Its lightweight and aerodynamic body make it possible to travel thousands of kilometers in the sunshine.

Lightyear One will spend zero euros every year on energy, and it will run free of charge and zero emissions for ‘easily’ 7,000 to 20,000 kilometers annually.

The Lightyear One is not a design concept or a scale model, but a fully functional, drivable prototype. With a range of 725 km, Lightyear One has hugely changed the game of electric mobility. There are many reasons to choose this car: it’s safe, cheaper to run and has high energy efficiency.

Aptera Paradigm- Solar Powered 


Wish to own a cool solar-powered eco-car? Jump inside the Aptera which is the sleekest, fastest electric car in the world. Its independent design and construction make it possible to offer a compact car with a unique exterior look, delivering superb handling and performance and with high safety.

The Aptera Paradigm can go with a range on a single charge of up to 1000 miles or 1600 km.

The Aptera Paradigm is a three-wheel electric car that can generate power from 134 bhp to 201 bhp in different models. Aptera car can reach zero to 100 kmph in 3.5 seconds and its maximum speed can easily reach 177 kmph.

The unique design of this car looks like a spaceship which is quite futuristic from all the cars found in the world. The new Aptera Paradigm has been engineered to tap into density levels of technology not yet available, where all-electric vehicles have to come from.

Solar Powerd- Sion 


As electric cars become increasingly popular, automakers are looking for ways to make them more affordable and appealing than their alternatives.

The Sion is a Solar Powerd electric car that also features solar panels that allow drivers to charge the vehicle for free—no matter where it is parked. The panels take up a large part of the vehicle’s roof and will generate enough power to take care of the majority of the car’s charging needs when it is parked in the sun. 

This provides the vehicle with a renewable energy source, which will decrease dependence on fossil fuels. The reason for this is that when the sun is out of the range of your car is not just based on the tires and their limit of grip but also on how much power you can create. The Sion’s appearance resembles that of a small SUV with four doors and seats for four adults. The projected top speed will be 125 km/h.


The reason why solar-powered cars get so much hype is that they are the future of the world, they are sustainable, eco-friendly, energy-saving, and very importantly pocket pocket-friendly.

With a highly efficient solar panel on their roof, these cars store electricity in their batteries throughout the day (and at night if the sun isn’t shining), which can then be used for driving.

The batteries in these cars can charge from a regular household outlet like an electric car, but using solar panels is better for both the environment and your wallet.


  1. I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida a city where the daily newspaper was FREE if the Sun didn’t shine. Obviously, they gave away few if any FREE newspapers. The SUN was always there hot and bright emitting energy for no use but to HEAT my car! For years after solar panels were invented I wondered WHY EV cars weren’t being outfitted with SOLAR ROOF PANELS. Now, FINALLY, the auto engineers are using their heads and better…the SUN! I hope at 68 I will live to see EV vehicles the norm and limited mileage concerns a thing of the past!

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    • The Aptera is made in San Diego. Waiting list… Be sure to not live in Maine, New York, Massachusetts. Those States make you get a motorcycle license to drive it. The other 47 know that it is NOT a motorcycle.

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