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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/fastest-electric-cars-by-top-speed-range-india/As more individuals become interested in an ecologically sustainable mode of transportation, such as Electric Vehicles, a common question when choosing a car arises: What are the fastest Electric Cars presently available in India? Well, Here’s a list of electric cars and their corresponding top speeds & Range available in India

Fastest Electric Cars by Their Top Speed & Range

PriceRangeTop SpeedBattery Capacity
Tesla Model 3Standard Plus  60 lakhs423 Km160 kmph80 kWh
Long-range  60 lakhs568 Km180 kmph80 kWh
Performance  60 lakhs507 Km261 kmph80 kWh
Jaguar I Pace 1.4 Crore470 Km200 kmph90 kWh
 SE1.08 Crore 470 Km200 kmph90 kWh
 HSE1.12 Crore 470 Km200 kmph90 kWh
Mercedes- Benz EQC
400 4 Matic 1.04 Crore450 Km180 kmph80 kWh
Hyundai Kona Electric Kona Premium 22 Lakhs 452 Km167 kmph39.2 kWh
 Kona Premium Dual Tone 24 Lakhs 452 Km167 kmph39.2 kWh
MG ZS EVZS EV Excite 22 Lakhs 419 Km140 kmph44.5 kWh
 ZS EV Exclusive24 Lakhs419 Km140 kmph44.5 kWh
Audi E-Tron 
1.1 Crore 484 Km124 kmph95 kWh
Tata Nexon EV Nexon EV 14 lakhs 312 Km120 kmph30.2 kWh
 Nexon EV XZ+15.5 lakhs 312 Km120 kmph30.2 kWh
 Nexon EV XZ+ Lux 16.5 lakhs 312 Km120 kmph30.2 kWh
Mahindra EVertio D2 10.15 Lakhs140 Km86 kmph21.2 kWh
 D6 10.46 Lakhs140 Km86 kmph21.2 kWh
Tata Tigor EVXT Plus 9.90 Lakhs 140 Km 80 kmph21.5 kWh
 XM Plus 9.75 Lakhs 200 Km 80 kmph21.5 kWh
 XE Plus 9.58 Lakhs200 Km 80 kmph 21.5 kWh
Strom R3  4.5 Lakhs200 Km 80 kmph15 kWh


Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3 Variants Price (ex-showroom)Top Speed 
Standard Plus Rs. 60 Lakhs 160 Kmph
Long Range Rs. 60 Lakhs 180 Kmph
Performance Rs. 60 Lakhs 261 Kmph


The Tesla Model 3 is available in three electric powertrain configurations in the United States: Standard Plus, Long Range, and Performance.

In India, it is expected to debut in 2021. The Long Range and Performance models include a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system with a reported range of 568 kilometres and 507 kilometres, respectively, whereas the former has a rear-wheel drivetrain and a claimed range of 423km on a single charge.

The Performance model, on the other hand, can sprint from 0 to 97 kilometres per hour in only 3.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 261 kilometres per hour.

Tesla may initially offer the Standard Plus and Long Range varieties of the Model 3 in India, with the Performance option following later. The Estimated price is 60 lakhs INR, which will compete with cars like the Mercedes Benz EQC and the Jaguar I Pace.

Jaguar I-Pace


Jaguar I-pace Models Price in India Top Speed 
SRs. 1.04 Crore 200 Kmph
SERs. 1.08 Crore 200 Kmph
HSERs. 1.12 Crore 200 Kmph

The Jaguar I-Pace has a 90kWh battery and a range of 470 kilometres as claimed by the WLTP cycle (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure).

It has a top speed of 200 km/h. It costs about 1.08 crore rupees in India. With the help of a 7.4kWh charger, it can be fully charged in 12 hours.

It is available in three models: S, SE, and HSE, all of which have an acceleration time of just 4.8 seconds from 0-100 kmph. The automobile gets a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as dual-zone climate control.

Mercedes Benz-EQC


NamePrice In India Top Speed
Mercedes Benz EQCRs. 1.04 Crore 180 Kmph

The Mercedes Benz EQC has an 80kWh battery, a range of 450 kilometres as claimed by the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), and a top speed of 180 kilometres per hour. It costs roughly 1.04 crore Indian rupees.

Benz EQC can be charged from 10% to 90% in just 90 minutes thanks to the quick charging of 50kWh. It comes in a single 400 4 MATIC variant with a 0-100kmph acceleration time of just 5.1 seconds. 12-way power-adjustable seats, and automatically-dimming interior and exterior mirrors are some of the key features of this car.

Hyundai Kona Electric


Kona Electric ModelsPrice ( ex-Showroom)Top Speed
Kona Premium Rs. 22 Lakhs 167 Kmph
Kona Premium Dual Tone Rs. 24 Lakhs 167 Kmph


The Hyundai Kona Electric is now India’s fastest electric car, with a top speed of 167kmph. It will be the first pure electric SUV in the country as well as the fastest electric car in India with a top speed of 167 Kmph. 

Hyundai Kona Electric costs between 22- 28 lakhs INR and has a battery capacity of 39.2kWh, a range of 452 kilometres, and a charging period of 6 hours.

It has an impressive acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 9.7 seconds, as well as low running costs (about 1/5th of the IC engine) and a Sport mode to enhance the driving experience.



MG ZS EV Models Price in India Top Speed 
ZS EV Excite Rs. 22 Lakhs 140 Kmph
ZS EV Exclusive Rs. 24 Lakhs 140 Kmph

With a top speed of 140 kmph and a range of 419 kilometres, the MG ZS EV has a 44.5 KWH Hi-Tech Battery and acceleration of 0-100kmph in 8.5 seconds. With a charging period of 6-8 hours, it costs between 20-25 lakh INR.

It is a Great Choice for the Consumer since it arrives with Rain Sensing Front Wiper (1st in the segment), Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof (1st in the segment), PM 2.5 Filter, 6 Ways Power Adjustable Driver Seat, Push Button Start Stop With Smart Entry, and Electronic Gear Shift Knob.

Audi e-Tron


Name Price in IndiaTop Speed
Audi E-Tron Rs.  1.1 Crore 124 Kmph

Audi E-Tron will be available with only one battery pack: 95kWh (360PS/561Nm, with a Boost up to 408PS/664Nm). It will be equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system.

The E-Tron has a combined WLTP-certified range of up to 484 kilometres and can be charged using an 11kW AC home charger in 8.5 hours. It can charge at a rate of up to 150kW DC fast charging. On July 22, the e-Tron will be released. Between Rs 1.10 crore and Rs, 1.20 crore is believed to be the price range.

Tata Nexon EV

Nexon EV Models Price ( Ex-Showroom) Top Speed
Nexon EV XMRs. 14 Lakhs 120 Kmph
Nexon EV XZ+ Rs. 15.5 Lakhs 120 Kmph
Nexon EV XZ+ Lux Rs. 16.5 Lakhs120 Kmph

Tata Nexon EV sports a 30.2kWh battery and accelerates from 0-100kmph in 9.9 seconds. It has a top speed of 120kmph and a range of 312 kilometres.

It takes 8.5 hours to charge from 10% to 90% with a regular 15 AMP connection, and 60 minutes to charge from 0% to 80% with a fast-charging device.

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Tata Nexon EV costs about 12-14 lakhs INR. It is available with 8 years / 1.6 Lakh km warranty on battery & motor as well as smart driving features.

Mahindra eVerito

Mahindra eVerito

Mahindra eVerito Price in India Top Speed
D210.15 Lakhs 86 Kmph
D6 10.46 Lakhs 86 Kmph

The battery capacity of the Mahindra eVerito EV is 21.2 kWh. It has a top speed of 86 kmph and a range of 140 kilometres. It costs roughly 10-12 lakh INR and takes 11-12 hours to charge with a regular connection and up to 80 per cent in 1.5 hours with fast charging.

Power Steering, Power Windows Front, Anti Lock Braking System, Air Conditioner, Driver Airbag, and Alloy Wheels are some of the important features of eVerito.

Tata Tigor EV

Tata Tigor EV

Tata Tigor Models Price in India Top Speed
XT Plus 9.90 Lakhs 80 Kmph
XM Plus 9.75 Lakhs 80 Kmph
XE Plus 9.58 Lakhs 80 Kmph


The Tata Tigor EV’s battery capacity is 21.5 kWh. It has a top speed of 80 kmph and a range of 200 kilometres It costs roughly 10-12 lakh INR and charges up to 80 per cent in 1.5 hours with fast charging.

Power Steering, Power Windows Front, Anti Lock Braking System, Air Conditioner, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Automatic Climate Control and Alloy Wheels are some of the car’s important features. It is available in 3 variants: XT PLUS, XM PLUS and XE PLUS. It is a 5-seater vehicle with 255-litre boot space.

Strom R3 EV


Name Price in India Top Speed
Strom R3 Rs. 4.5 Lakhs 80 Kmph

The Strom R3 is currently India’s cheapest electric vehicle. It costs roughly 4.5 lakhs INR and has a battery capacity of 15kWh, a range of 200km on a single charge, and a top speed of 80kmph.

The car’s strengths include a triple touchscreen interface with gesture and voice controls (7”, 4.3”, and 2.4”), a large sunroof, a rear roofline spoiler, onboard 20GB of music storage, and a smart music playlist.


Several electric automobiles including the Nissan Note E Power, Mercedes-Benz EQA, Volvo XC40 Recharge, Renault Zoe, and others are planned to be released in the next two to three years, with their definite launch date yet to be revealed for India.

However, there will always be a thirst for the fastest electric cars in India and globally, this concludes the list of the fastest electric vehicles currently available in India.


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