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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/sono-sion-electric-car-comes-with-solar-charging/Sono Motors introduced its first electric car (Sion) which comes with solar charging technology and this electric car comes with a range of up to 305 km which charges itself with the power of the sun.

Sono Sion Solar Electric Car 

Sono Motors is a German electric vehicle startup working on the development of electric vehicles and solar charging technology.

The company is working on electric cars that support solar charging and are charged directly through the sun. Finally, the company has introduced its first electric car model with solar charging, which has a driving range of up to 305 km, called the Sono Sion.

This electric car is a minivan and has solar panels and you can see them (in the picture) on the roof, on the front bonnet, and even on the doors, which means with enough sunlight, you can keep it charging while driving.


Another interesting fact about this car is that it acts like a power bank, which means you can use the car battery to charge other devices as it comes with a two-way charging socket. and you can charge your electrical devices whenever needed.

Price and Rangehttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/sono-sion-electric-car-comes-with-solar-charging/

The Sion’s liquid-cooled battery capacity is 54 kWh, which enables you to drive up to 305 km on a single charge depending on the weather and your driving style. It takes around 35 minutes to charge the Sion up to 80% at a fast-charging station.

The car is priced at 25000 Euros which is approximately Rs 21 lakhs and will be available for pre-order till the deliveries start in 2023.

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The Sono Sion comes with a battery capacity of 54 kWh giving you 155 miles of driving which clearly hints that it’s not very efficient but since it comes with a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, which is seen in the Tesla Model 3 specifically selling in China.

Basically, you just drive in the sunlight and the cars keep getting charging giving you more range and this might be an interesting option for people living in countries with good sunlight.


54 kWh
Drivetrain120 kW Motor
Range305 km
Solar RangeOn average 112 km/week
Torque270 Nm
Max. Speed
140 km/h

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