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Skilldzire is Hyderabad-based India’s top real-time learning platform, where students are trained by industry experts and it offers certification and placements.

Skilldzire is offering Electric Vehicle Technology courses to skill Indian EV engineers and establish them in a good EV company.

Table of Contents

Electric Vehicle Technology Online Course (EV)

Course includes

• Automotive Design
• EV Motors
• Charging technology
• Thermal Management
• Battery management system

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to EV Technology
  • History of Electric Vehicle
  • Benefits Of Electric Vehicles
  • Types of Electric vehicle Hybrid

Module 2: Fundamentals of Electric Vehicle

  • Working on an Electric Vehicle
  • Major Components in an Electric Vehicle Power train

Module 3: Motor (Principles of Electrical Machines)

  • Em Fundamentals
  • Classification of Motors
  • Applications of Electrical Motors
  • Selection of Motor
  • Motor Torque Calculations

Module 4: Battery (Energy Storage Systems for HEV, BEV)

  • Em Fundamentals
  • Classification of Motors
  • Applications of Electrical Motors
  • Selection of Motor
  • Motor Torque Calculations

Module 5: Charger (EV Charging Technologies)

  • Types of Chargers
  • Battery Charging Methods
  • Charging Algorithms
  • Medium of Transfer
  • EV Charging Connectors
  • Charging Station

Module 6: EV Calculations

  • Power and Torque Calculations
  • Motor Specifications Calculations
  • Battery Specifications and Calculations
  • Gear ratio Calculations
  • Battery Range in km per charge
  • Cost of Electricity bill per km
  • Battery Charging time

Module 7: Controller & Converters

  • EV Controllers
  • DC-DC Converter
  • DC-AC Converter
  • Module 8: EV Conversions
  • E-Cycle Conversions
  • E-Bike Conversions
  • E-Car Conversions

Module 9: Miscellaneous

  • CAN Bus
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Harness
  • VCU & ECU
  • Troubleshooting and testing
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Latest EV trends

Check here the Course details- link 

  • There are about 7000+ EV jobs available in the market.
  • Get trained by the best industry experts.
  • Work on 15+ real-time projects
  • Get Certification
  • Be Industry ready.

Is Electric Vehicles a Good Career?

According to estimates by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the EV industry alone will create one crore jobs.

What tools are important for building an electric vehicle?

Software such as CATIA, Ansys, and MATLAB is used by professionals working in the automotive industry. The experience of working or learning on these can give you an edge during company interviews and the job selection process.


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