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We are set to dawn this year, Electric Mobility has witnessed a slew of ups and downs but one thing has remained constant i.e., Simple Energy and its delivery issues.

It makes me wonder what the company has in store for its customers, will they receive their respective scooters this year or not? These are not baseless claims as this month’s sales of Simple Energy dipped to Zero crashing down from the previous figures of 13 vehicles. This shows that the company has plunged into a state of confusion, leaving pre-booking customers and the general public in the bewildered. 

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The Sales Plunge

In the midst of this turmoil, the sales figures for the Zero scooter have taken a nosedive. What was once a beacon of hope for the company has now turned into a symbol of its struggle. It’s a grim reflection of the company’s commitments and its inability to capitalize on the initial excitement of the customers regarding the product. 

Sales Figures from Start to Now

Month’sUnits Deliver 

Recent Updates by Suhas Rajkumar 

After a period of reduced communication with its customers on various social media platforms and customer helplines, Simple Energy recently resurfaced to share updates on what appears to be their progress in the EV industry. Defending their delayed deliveries, Suhas said that when they launched the product, they didn’t know that the company would receive such an overwhelming response. They initially thought the booking wouldn’t even make it to 5,000 but they received a whopping 1 Lakh+ booking orders and now they can’t deliver it to thousand out there.

Promises by Simple Energy Founder Suhas Rajkumar

According to the company, their eagerly anticipated Dot One electric scooter is set to hit production in just a couple of weeks. While this may sound like an exciting development, the devil is in the details, with the scooter boasting a “low range” and a “low price.” Simple Energy doesn’t stop there, though. They’re also hinting at another “affordable” electric scooter hitting the market within a year, but we’ve heard that one before, haven’t we?

But wait, there’s more. Simple Energy is apparently on a mission to raise a staggering $100 million within a year. While ambitious fundraising among startups isn’t new, it’s pertinent to note how will this fund be used by the company. Will they use it for production or for their new ventures? 

And if that weren’t enough, the company claims they’ll be installing a whopping 2000 charging stations in just 15 months. It’s an admirable goal, but let’s hope they don’t charge ahead without considering the logistics and practicality of such a feat.

Lastly, Simple Energy teases us with a mid-price segment concept car set to debut by 2025.

At this point, we may not have all the facts to confirm its accuracy. So, perhaps we can consider it as another creative expression by the Founder

Repeated Delays and Misguided Customers

The story begins with a trail of delayed delivery promises, shrouded in mystery. Simple Energy once looked at as a promising player in the electric scooter arena found itself in hot water due to its inability to meet its commitments. The reasons behind these delays remain elusive, leaving customers perplexed and troubled.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this ordeal is Simple Energy’s refusal to engage with its customer base. The company’s lack of responsiveness to consumer inquiries is deafening. You’ll be shocked to know that this silence is being replaced by miscreants promising fake deliveries and asking for payment in the company’s name. This unethical practice tarnishes not only the reputation of Simple Energy but also the electric mobility industry as a whole.

Funding Infusion and Stalled Progress

simpleenergy-one-standard (2)

Despite securing a substantial 165 crore in a recent funding round, Simple Energy has failed to capitalize on the much-needed financial injection. After securing such a big amount, the company has delivered just 37 scooters out of 1Lakh+ bookings from the past.

Reaction from the Customers

The anger among consumers has reached a boiling point. Many now label Simple Energy as a shell company, an entity that lacks not just in words but in actions as well. This moniker is a stark reminder of the company’s failure to uphold its promises and its inability to meet the expectations of a discerning market.

Sum Up

Time will tell if Simple Energy can truly spark a revolution in the electric vehicle industry or if this is just another case of too-good-to-be-true pledges. Simple Energy’s handling of the Zero scooter deliveries and subsequent delays has left much to be desired.

This critical analysis sheds light on the company’s missteps and their ramifications for both consumers and the electric mobility sector.

It’s high time that Simple Energy addresses these issues, regains the trust of its consumers, and fulfills its promises. Only then can it hope to rise from the shadows and reclaim its position as a serious contender to the leading brands in the EV realm.

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Varnika Jain
Varnika is an aware and proud citizen of India. She is working towards nation-building and sustainability. Therefore, she has decided to enjoy the advanced business of Electric Vehicles. She is headed to get the news out of cutting-edge versatility, completely mindful that solitary EVs are inevitable in India.


  1. Simple energy is looks like fraud they break the promise of dilivery of scooter but now the ones who pre booked can not backoff as refund is not accepted by the simple official websites, and during contact them over e-mail response came after 10 days that I can opt out for refunds and cancel the pre booking but it’s not working or accepting by their web site only pop up message something went wrong during the process, looks like simple energy never had any plan to deliver their scooter it’s just another big scam in India to loot the common man.

  2. Simple Energy has fooled the customer. If they can’t deliver, then why Simple Energy accepted bookings?
    This is total failure and people are being looted in the name of booking. What kind of start-up is this bogus company is ?

    • Simple Energy is a fraud firm. This firm has a number of accounts to get deposit the booking amount Rs. 1947, downpayment Rs. 21610, Government subsidy Rs.25000/-, Fullpayment Rs.71443, Total Rs.120000/-

      This amount has been charged from me in different accounts.

      Rs.53555/- has been debited from my account by its scammer’s group member to return my payments got deposited for supply of super EV

  3. this clearly shows this company is lacking in values, ethics n big failure in strategic management perspective..too slow , too little too late done versus market competition….it’s going to be a tough time to beat the competition even if they start delivering now in volumes….

  4. It’s not at all a problem , other electric company can help this company, their un sold electric vehicles, like auther, ola by name change after all we must see the success of electric vehicles and company

  5. Hi All, I feel to build followers and just to create content please don’t spreading the false information by feeding people with your manipulated communication.
    Better mind your work.

    this news feels like you hate the company.

  6. Hi,

    I like comfort while driving, very good range for single charge, amazing design & look and overall it’s a good premium product in all aspects

  7. I think this writer doesnt know full story, she is only giving her opining with no knowledge, ban her from the company and remove her from the job

  8. Stop making comments on funds of company, they also would have worked hard, you are spoiling every thing

    I guess ola has paid you, don’t know why you cant mind your job

  9. Sounds like a personal problem, quite vengeful behaviour and own perspective views!!
    Stop spreading hateful views! it is not accepted by professionals and especially the authenticity of Media..

  10. I am not sure about this news. Delivery 10, 12 scooters in a month after 1 yr of Lunch Dhamaka is utterly nonsense. I mean this is just shameful. Somehow I never had good feeling about this company.. even for the same like Ola as well…But Ola is bit different on execution skill. But this company seems like hawabaaj …Khali peeli ka Press release…

  11. People must know all the Escooter companies like pure, okinawa, simple energy are selling chinese e-scooters in the indian market. Do some research just rebranded chinese e-scooters. Very few companies have real R & D like ather, tvs, bajaj etc. Dont go behind startup ebikes these are juat like how micromax sold rebranded chinese phones similar to boat, amaze fit and others selling cheap so called smart watches with fake sensors.

  12. Beware….. Simple one website also hacked if you click on contact us … it will take you to WhatsApp no … that WhatsApp no is fraud … when I contacted that number I was asked to pay 20 k with 1.10 lakhs with discount of 40 k … he said to be paid with in a day …I was suspicious and contacted customer care .. they said clearly that website is hacked and not to pay any amount, so beware of simple one website

  13. Dear sir
    simple energy is a smart brand. It seems like they have been listening to the needs of customers. certainly a nice update. No 1 electric scooter indian this is a good electric scooter i hope give mi main dealership nashik.
    Best Regards

  14. Dear sir
    simple energy is a smart brand. It seems like they have been listening to the needs of customers certainly a nice update. No 1 electric scooter indian this is a good electric scooter i hope give mi main dealership nashik.

    Best Regards

  15. Refund was quick after I received error while cancelling the order. I received it on the same day after I sent them an email. So inwas quite impressed with the refund. Regarding product, I am really surprised to hear from the article that they did not expect 1 lakh booking. It is quite foolish reason since they’re th only scooter which has claimed range of 212 km for the same price of other competitors. What ppl are looking for a better range … it’s really fishy to see that they have not delivered anything so far. You should jump how much you can reach for.
    Laying hands on too many stuff is not good. That’s not a good business model.


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