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Simple One Energy 

Simple Energy is not simple as it sounds. On August 15, 2021, the company launched the Simple One electric scooter, with a pre-order amount of Rs 1947. The company received around 1 lakh+ scooter bookings in the last two years as per the sources. However, despite several changes in delivery dates, the company was unable to deliver the product. The company recently relaunched the product and announces the delivery but after two months they were just able to deliver 24 Scooters out of 1 Lakh + booking. The company delivered 10 scooters in June month and 14 scooters in July month so far. And now the ambition of the company is to launch two electric scooters and one bike. This awful mismanagement has not only shattered the hopes of countless customers who have waited patiently for their vehicles for over two years but has also raised alarming concerns about the company’s credibility and its ability to compete in the market. At this pace how they will satisfy the customer’s patience? 

Let’s explore all the false promises made by Simple One.

Disastrous Booking System

The notion of “first come, first serve” is a fundamental principle of customer service, but Simple One’s booking system showcases a complete disregard for this principle. Customers who have been eagerly waiting for their EVs since the initial booking announcement have been left in the lurch. Instead of prioritizing these riders who have waited for long, the company is deciding to go phase vice instead of the booking pattern. It appears to have abandoned its early adopters in favor of an inefficient and bewildering delivery approach that fails to address their concerns adequately.

Questionable Product Development and Testing

The lousy delivery count may have been attributed to ongoing product testing, but this excuse falls short in the face of the two-year waiting period. While ensuring a safe and reliable product is undoubtedly important, Simple One’s excessive delay in the testing phase raises doubts about the company’s competence in managing its manufacturing and quality control processes. Consumers have every right to be skeptical when a company showcases such glaring signs of unreasonable delays.

Erosion of Market Competitiveness

Once hailed as a strong contender to disrupt the EV market, Simple One’s inability to meet customer demands has now stripped it of its competitive edge. When Simple Energy came they were offering a range of 302km which was the highest among all the EVs present at that time but now they are nowhere to be seen on the road. In the shadow of industry leaders like Ola, who have managed to demonstrate their ability to deliver on a massive scale, Simple One’s performance has been relegated to the sidelines. With its reputation tarnished and it’s delivery strategy in shambles, the company now faces a daunting uphill battle to regain its leadership position.

EV sales of other companies

Ola Electric has been the top player for a long time now which is followed by TVS iQUBE, and Ather Energy.

Sr. N.NameJUNEJULYMOM Growth %Jul Market Share %
1.OLA ELECTRIC 17,62319,2379%35%
2.TVS IQUBE7,85710,33031%19%
3.ATHER ENERGY4,5976,60744%12%
4.BAJAJ CHETAK 3,0024,08636%8%
5.AMPERE ELECTRIC3,0423,57117%7%
6.OKINAWA AUTOTECH 2,6192,263-14%4%
7.Hero VIDA465987112%2%
8.OKAYA EV 42578484%1%
9.HERO ELECTRIC 1,136778-32%1%
10.BGAUSS AUTO 190657246%1%

Writer’s Remark

Simple One needs to bust the bubble of the illusion of fulfilling its promise to deliver scooters to its customers anytime soon. I personally think that the company should come clean in front of the world and convey its true intentions because its actions are proving fatal to other EV contenders.

The lack of a coherent delivery strategy, the disregard for customer loyalty, and the evident mismanagement of resources have created a narrative of incompetence that will be hard to shake off.

In an industry that demands innovation, reliability, and commitment, Simple One’s failure stands as a stark reminder that grand promises mean nothing without concrete actions to back them up.

Varnika is an aware and proud citizen of India. She is working towards nation-building and sustainability. Therefore, she has decided to enjoy the advanced business of Electric Vehicles. She is headed to get the news out of cutting-edge versatility, completely mindful that solitary EVs are inevitable in India.


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