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Simple One Electric Scooter 

Simple Energy has launched its much-awaited electric scooter Simple One for the second time in two years. This time they have named it “The Super EV.” Get all the recent updates from the live event here.


Simple ONE has announced a new price which is INR 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom)+ INR 13,000 for a 750watts portable charger. The prices for Brazen X and Light X colors are INR 1.5 Lakhs (ex-showroom).


IDC range of 212 Km certified (Idial Driving Conditions) with 6% SOC left. Top speed 0-40km/hr within 2.77 seconds

Delivery Date 

The deliveries will begin from June 6 2023 starting from Bangalore(Phase 1). From this, they’ll expand to other cities as well. The company will also open 140-150 experience centers within 8-10 months from where you can take your bookings or either pre-book the scooter.

New Colors Added  

Simple One has added two more colors called “Brazen X” and “Light X”. These are the dual body tone colors. Brazen Axe includes Black and Red colors. On the other hand, Light Axe includes White and Red.

Charging Options and Costs  

0-80% 5hr 54 minutes (Fixed battery charging time= 3hr 47 minutes) 750watts. But hold on, there’s more! With our lightning-fast charging technology, you’ll zip from 0 to 80% charge in a mere 1.5 kilometers per minute, keeping you on the move without any delays. The company will also open charging networks across India in August with a phase-wise manner of launching.

Additional Specifications

  1. Battery Pack: The simple ONE scooter has a 5kWh Li-ion battery it has secured IP67 and a nominal voltage is 50.4V the scooter has AIS 156 phase 2 certification for its Removable batteries. Due to the AIS certifications, the company has to increase the weight of the scooter. 
  2. Motor: 8.5kW peak power with an in-house magnetization of motors.
  3. Tracking the data: You’ll get data of ride history from your scooter every quarter, month, etc. This is called the super stack.
  4. After-sales service: It can be booked via the Simple Energy application.
  5. Connectivity: The electric scooter has 4.2 Bluetooth, OTA updates, Document storage, Mobile application, etc. The scooter can also save locations of interest.

Previously Deliveries Delayed 

Simple Energy, the innovative electric mobility company, made a grand entrance into the market in August 2021 with their cutting-edge electric scooter, aptly named “One.” Since then, their deliveries have been postponed five times. Initially slated for delivery in December 2021, the release date was pushed to June 2022, further delayed to September 2022, and then again rescheduled to April 2023.


Top Speed105 km/h
Range 212 km/charge
Kerb Weight 110 kg
Peak Motor Power4500 W
Motor TypeBLDC Electric Motor
Motor Warranty3 Years
Charging Time6 hours for 0-80 % ( home charger)
Charger TypePlug point with a portable charger
Suspension TypeMono Shock Suspension
Max Torque 72 Nm
Color OptionsBrazen Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue, Grace White, “Brazen X” and “Light X”.


Writer’s Remark

Simple One has swift the carpet off the customer’s desire for an affordable scooter. However, the price hike can be a reason for a reduction in FAME II subsidy but re-introducing the scooter after putting the customer in the dilemma for two years straight isn’t worth it. Now we have to wait for the company to roll out their scooters in the market then only we can estimate what the customers truly want from the company.

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