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In the bustling streets of Bangalore, a new player has emerged on the electric vehicle scene – Seltra Automotive. With a vision to reshape the way we commute within cities, Seltra brings forth a promising line-up of electric two-wheelers and batteries, tailored for both business use. Founded by Aniket Patel and Nachiket Morye who had an experience while working for bounce where they cut his teeth in the electric mobility arena, Seltra is ready to roll onto the streets with its innovative offerings.

From Experience to Innovation

Seltra Automotive’s journey is rooted in experience. The founders, previously worked with the well-known company Bounce, witnessed firsthand the challenges that urban mobility faces. Vandalism, wear and tear, and the need for more robust solutions led them to step up and craft a unique answer to these issues. Their exposure and connections with different industry players gave birth to Seltra, a company poised to make a lasting impact in the B2B market.


Unveiling the Scooter Line-up

Seltra’s fully functional electric scooter, born in 2022, stands as a testament to its commitment to quality and innovation. Designed with a sleek yet sturdy frame, this scooter is more than just a means of transportation at least that is hoped by the founders. Catering to last-mile delivery experts, the scooter will become the go-to choice for fleet operators aiming to optimize their operations in the city of Bangalore and with expansion in the later stage. 

Empowering with Battery Diversity


At the core of Seltra’s offering lies its battery platform, a game-changer in itself. With two battery options, Seltra scooters are versatile companions for any journey. The portable battery pack, weighing in at a mere 7.7kg, offers an impressive 50km range, perfect for zipping around the city. If you’re eyeing a longer journey, the fixed battery version gives you a substantial 180km range, ensuring you won’t be left stranded.

The second battery pack, a star in its own right, integrates with an energy platform boasting fast charging capabilities. A quick pit stop for just 18 minutes can add 70km of range, making range anxiety a thing of the past. And don’t fret about longevity – there batteries are built to withstand 2000-2,500 charging cycles.

A Symphony of Connectivity and Innovation

Seltra doesn’t just stop at electric scooter and battery; they’ve orchestrated a symphony of innovation with their fleet management tool and user-friendly phone application. Fleet operators are empowered to make agile decisions, thanks to real-time insights. For individual riders, the app provides a comprehensive dashboard showcasing range, errors, and any wear and tear.

Safety First with Seltra: GEN 2 and GEN 3


Seltra’s second-generation electric scooter, also known as “Gen 2,” doesn’t just offer a ride; it presents an experience. With a sleek design and a hot-swappable battery system, you can easily swap out the power source without breaking a sweat. Whether you opt for the 7.7kg or the slightly beefier 8.1kg battery, convenience is the name of the game. And the innovation doesn’t stop there.

Now they are planning to build a new Gen 3 – where the boasts a host of upgrades, including anti-polarity technology that simplifies battery installation. With AIS 1.5, the handles are not just better; they are built to redefine what comfort means while cruising. Plus, you can bid farewell to range anxiety, as the new generation comes with a home-charging dock, letting you power up hassle-free.

Seltra’s batteries are built to replicate as the power house of energy. The battery you slot into your scooter isn’t just a power source; it’s specifically designed for that ride. You won’t find these batteries sneaking into another scooter, keeping your ride yours. And for those who worry about battery tampering, fear not. The portable battery’s inner workings are a well-guarded secret, staying sealed even when met with force.


Demos, Plans, and Ambitions

Seltra’s demo sessions have already left fleet operators impressed and they are eager to adopt this modern mobility solution. The company is targeting the last-mile sector, where its offerings align perfectly with the needs of this market. Priced at 73,000 INR without battery packs, and at 1,60,000 INR for the full spec version with an impressive 180km range, Seltra ensures accessibility without compromising on quality.

Launch of Seltra Scooters for B2B

As they gear up for a grand launch in January 2024, Seltra is looking to secure a million-dollar investment to accelerate their production. With plans to build 30 scooters for the pilot phase and an ambitious goal of 2,000 scooters next year, Seltra is poised to weave its electric magic on the streets of Bangalore and beyond.

Target Market of Seltra 

Seltra wants to offer their electric scooter just for the B2B segment where the last mile mobility workers can benefit.

Writer’s Remark

In the ever-changing urban mobility landscape, Seltra Automotive shines as a beacon of practicality and innovation. With their user-centric approach, sleek design, and focus on sustainability, they’re set to drive us into a greener and more connected future. Get ready to hop onto a Seltra scooter and join the electric revolution, starting in January 2024.

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