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Enigma Ambier N8 Electric Scooter 

Enigma Ambier N8, Clocks 200 km on a Single Charge with 50 km/ph maximum speed

Enigma Automobiles, an EV manufacturer from Madhya Pradesh, has announced the official launch of its highly anticipated Ambier N8 electric scooter.

Range and Charging 


Enigma Ambier N8 Boasting a remarkable range of 200 kilometres on a single charge and a fast-charging time of 2-4 hours, the Ambier N8 is set to revolutionize the electric scooter industry.



Enigma Automobiles recognizes the diverse needs of its customers and has tailored the Amber N8 to cater to specific target audiences, including marketing personnel, intercity travellers, and aggregators. Understanding the importance of affordability, Enigma Automobiles offers the Amber N8 at a competitive price range, starting from INR 1,05,000/- to INR 1,10,000/- ex-showroom.

This attractive pricing makes the Ambier N8 accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective commuting solution. To make the purchasing process even more convenient, customers can now book their Amber N8 scooters online. By providing their details online, customers will be promptly contacted by Enigma Automobiles representatives to facilitate a seamless buying experience.

Motor, Speed and Load Capacity 


The Ambier N8 is a high-speed, RTO-approved electric scooter that embodies the essence of the new age of transportation. Equipped with a powerful 1500-watt motor, the Ambier N8 offers a thrilling ride, reaching a top speed of 45 kmph – 50 kmph. Designed for practicality, this electric scooter has a generous load capacity of 200 kg, including the driver, allowing for effortless transportation of both passengers and cargo. Additionally, the Ambier N8 features a spacious 26-litre boot capacity, providing ample storage for everyday essentials.

Colour Options 

Enhancing the overall experience, the scooter seamlessly integrates with the ENIGMA ON Connect App, enabling users to access smart functionalities and stay connected on the go. With these remarkable specifications, the Ambier N8 sets new standards for electric scooters, combining power, versatility, and cutting-edge technology. The N8 Thunderstorm is available in five attractive colours, including Grey, White, Blue, Matte Black, and Silver, allowing customers to choose a scooter that reflects their personal style and preferences.

Words by the Management 

“With the launch of the Ambier N8, we at Enigma Automobiles are proud to address one of the key concerns in the electric vehicle industry: range anxiety. Clocking an impressive range of 200 kilometres on a single charge, the Ambier N8 empowers riders with confidence, knowing they have the freedom to explore without range anxiety holding them back. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional team of engineers and our dedicated staff, whose unwavering commitment and hard work have made the launch of the Ambier N8 possible. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to our valued customers, whose feedback and support have been invaluable in inspiring us to continuously improve and bring forth new products. It is through their trust and encouragement that we strive to raise the bar and provide exceptional mobility solutions” said Mr. Anmol Bohre, Co–Founder & Managing Director, Enigma Automobiles.


TypeHigh Speed
ShockerFront Telescopic 130MM; Rear Coil Spring
Motor1500 watts
Battery TypeLithium Ferro Phosphate
Battery Capacity63V 60AH
Max Speed45 kmph – 50 kmph
Range200 km
Battery Capacity63V 60AH
Range200 km
Net Weight220 KG
Max Load Capacity200 Kg
Charging Time2-4 hours
Boot Capacity26 Litres
ColoursGrey, White, Blue, Matte Black, and Silver



Future Plans 

Building on the success of the Ambier N8, Enigma Automobiles plans to launch an additional variant in the future, further expanding the options available to customers. As part of our commitment to continuous innovation, Enigma Automobiles is constantly striving to introduce new models that cater to various needs and preferences. In addition to catering to individual consumers, Enigma Automobiles recognizes the growing demand for electric vehicles in the B2B sector. As part of our expansion plans, Enigma Automobiles is actively developing new electric scooters tailored for the B2B segment. The company look forward to launching one such model later this year, catering specifically to the unique requirements of businesses and commercial use.

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