Enigma Launched Crink V1 and GT450 Pro High-speed Electric Scooters

Enigma, a young Make-in-India EV manufacturer from Central India, has officially launched the highly anticipated high-speed variants of their renowned Crink (TRADEMARKED) and GT450 (TRADEMARKED) series.

Enigma Automobiles Private Limited, founded in the year 2015, is driving electric mobility more consistently and enthusiastically than any other mobility group.

About Enigma

Managing Director of Enigma said We are delighted to unveil the Crink V1 and GT 450 Pro, representing an exquisite blend of timeless elegance and state-of-the-art performance.

Mr. Anmol Bohre

Battery: 36 AH Range: 140 Km Speed: 70kmph Charging: 3.5 Hours

Enigma Crink V1

Battery: 40 AH Range: 120 Km Speed: 60 kmph Charging: 3.5 Hours

Enigma  GT 450 Pro

GT450 Pro INR 89,000 Ex-Showroom Crink V1    INR 94,000 Ex-Showroom